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Today, advertising and communication in general consist mainly of myriads of small digital impulses. This makes it all the more important for brands to consistently assert their identity in this multifaceted dialogue with their target groups. What’s our story, what’s our big idea? Only those who know how to condense their messages and charge them with excitement and emotions will receive their return on investment from marketing. The brand is what is remembered. In this respect, there is no difference between B2B and B2C advertising.

Brand communication is always strategic

Regardless of what will be developed in a second step: Nothing beats a well thought-out brand identity, a clear picture of markets, target groups and product positioning as well as a sound briefing. Whenever possible, we work here in Stuttgart on the basis of market research data. Our agency often develops these basics for design and creation in a joint process with our clients. They not only form the basis for good ideas, but also provide the criteria for their objective evaluation.

A GWA advertising agency from Stuttgart that knows no boundaries

Of course, we are also happy to take on individual assignments. In numerous awards for design and good creation, our agency has proven that we master the individual disciplines of advertising. We differ from other agencies in Stuttgart when it comes to developing brands in their various facets and creating cross-channel brand communication:

  • A large proportion of our clients have to assert themselves on the international markets. International campaigns, which have to work worldwide, are part of our team’s daily business
  • Many campaigns today run seamlessly across all channels, from print to digital, from POS to trade fairs
  • In many cases, we tend to take as our starting point topics which we then take up in advertising and design, but also in content marketing
  • We subordinate the individual measures to higher-level marketing and sales objectives. In close coordination, our experts link the activities in such a way that they mutually reinforce each other and work towards the goal across all relevant touch points
  • Using the most modern methods of digital analysis, our agency tracks whether the individual communication measures have had the planned effect, learns a lot about target group behaviour and then optimises the activities in an agile way

Test our consulting expertise

We look forward to your questions and objectives. We will be delighted to prepare ourselves soundly for an initial consultation.

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Thomas Birmelin

We love good creation – as a way to achieve goals

In our long agency history, we have built up a high level of general expertise in brand communication in Stuttgart. In this respect, we see ourselves both as a B2B agency and as a B2C agency. In both fields, we have acquired references from major international brands and leading medium-sized companies. For a number of clients, we were and are responsible for the entire spectrum of brand management In detail, our clients entrust us with the following:

1 Brand strategy

Brand definition, brand positioning, digital brand management, supervision of brand registrations, brand architecture, umbrella brands, sub-brands, brand core history, brand interactivity, employer branding, brand academy. More under Consulting

2 Communication strategy

Market segmentation, product positioning, socio-demographic and psychographic target group definitions, development of personas, supervision of market research projects, consumer insights, country-specific approaches, advertising ideas, media-neutral guiding ideas, success mechanisms

3 Name finding

Strategic-creative name finding and development of brand names, branding, product names and company names, names for product groups, naming systems, development of brand and naming strategies

4 Claims & slogans

International brand claims, slogans related to campaigns or events

5 Logo development

Development of internationally protectable word/image marks, word marks or figurative marks, signets, key visuals, evolutionary logo further development

6 Corporate design

Development of corporate identities in print and digital media, as well as architecture and film, corporate design manuals, style guides, web kits, business equipment, visual language, corporate wording, corporate design portals, corporate architecture

7 Campaigns

National and international campaigns, ads, digital campaigns, social media campaigns, native advertising, international adaptation of campaigns, B2B campaigns, image campaigns, product launches, market launches

8 Brochures

Product brochures, image brochures, environmental reports, annual reports, customer magazines, employee magazines, anniversary brochures

9 POS Marketing

On-pack promotion, POS material, package design, trade marketing, trade marketing, design of shop windows and showrooms

10 Radio spots

Concept development and realisation of radio advertising and podcasts

11 Outdoor advertising

Creation of large-format billboards and city lights, advertising on means of transport, ambient advertising

12 International media planning

Media analysis, digital and classic media planning, social media advertising, Google ads, SMM, media purchasing, efficiency optimisation

+ more about international media ageny

13 Analytics

Cross-channel marketing analysis, data protection compliant, tracking, development of KPIs, reporting, ongoing optimisation of measures

Steffen Ruess
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Added value for your success

Over the years, our Stuttgart-based advertising agency has acquired in-depth expertise in a number of industries. Our employees know our clients’ customers, their purchase decision criteria and the buying decision process of the buying centre, the communication tradition and viewing habits. This helps to develop designs and mechanisms that are positively received by the target group. Self-confidently, our team and our clients repeatedly set standards in their respective industries.

Do you also want to set standards in your market and be perceived as one of the leading brands? Talk to me.

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