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Configurator for Siemens hot water technology

Configurator for Siemens hot water technology

  • Concept: An interactive, large-format exhibition tool, touch application
  • Subsequent integration into the web presence
  • Objective: To have target groups experience the wide range of products and applications for typical installation situations

Premium calculator for Bosch BKK

  • Tool integrated into the website
  • Entry of personal key data
  • Experiencing different possible options
  • Taking advantage of low premiums and attractive benefits
Premium calculator for the Bosch Betriebskrankenkasse (company health insurance fund)

Konfigurator für GO IN Gastronomiemöbel

  • Web tool for the calculation of the right order quantities
  • Simple, self-explanatory drawing of your own spaces in the floor plan
  • Occupying the areas with chairs, tables, benches in the desired dimensions
  • Automatic compliance with reasonable, prescribed distances
  • Saving as PDF or live configuration in telephone contact with the sales department
Configurator for GO IN restaurant furniture