Strategic and interdisciplinary

The Ad­ver­tis­ing Agency for In­ter­na­tion­al Brands

Globalisation and digitalisation have contributed to making brand management and advertising more multifaceted and more challenging than ever. To offset all the small-scale digital influences, there is a real need for a clear identity, never losing sight of the big picture and the big story. In both B2C and B2B marketing. Our interdisciplinary team has a solid understanding of brands and brand management and is ideally positioned to support you in developing your brand and managing it internationally. From a single source, we develop and implement cross-disciplinary campaigns conceived to achieve the communication and marketing goals you define.

Nothing beats a stable foundation

Pro­fes­sion­al, well-or­ches­trat­ed process­es en­sure your suc­cess

It is said that the brand is what will be ultimately remembered. But only if it is well managed. The starting point for everything we do has to be a clearly defined brand in terms of identity and current positioning in the market, branding and corporate design. These fundamentals are closely interconnected and seriously influence whether a brand has a powerful energy, and can be efficiently scaled and communicated. It is equally important that the qualities of the brand are consistently reflected and continuously advanced in everyday practice. And the more participants are involved, the more important guidelines and clear responsibilities are. Finally, good brand management always calls for creativity, ‘gut feel’ and daring.

For important decisions, such as positioning issues, large campaigns or to validate advertising impact, we recommend qualitative or quantitative market research – also in the B2B segment. No one can offer better information on your customers’ needs than your customers themselves.

Our strengths:

  • Advising and working together with our customers are our top priorities.
  • Good results are a process and can only be achieved as a team.
  • We are fans of clear objectives and we take your goals very seriously.
  • We love setting KPIs, measuring target achievement on an ongoing basis and optimising measures in as agile a way as possible.
  • Until we have reached your destination.
  • Good creative and effective, high-impact campaigns always depend on a sound strategy.
  • Depending on the assignment, this can be clarified in a good briefing or re-briefing paper, or it may imply a longer, even more in-depth investigation and development phase.
  • Just don't get started without it.
  • We are experts in cross-disciplinary and complex campaigns that have real potential to make big things happen.
  • We are also happy to provide the many hands-on services that are needed in everyday business in the context of long-term client relationships.
  • Our team has extensive experience, we have won many coveted awards and we deliver outstanding, reliable quality in creative development and design.
  • We have extensive experience in international and global B2B campaigns.
Comprehensive and experienced

Strategic expertise as an advertising agency

Good advertising always needs a solid foundation. The more effective advertising needs to be, the higher the demands on brand management and creation - and the more important a clean, clear strategy is. Especially when developing new campaigns, strategy often makes up the greater part of the work. As an advertising agency, we support you in taking on the following challenges:

Brand Con­sult­ing

Brand definition, archetype analysis, brand strategy, brand positioning, brand management, brand development, brand relaunching, brand architecture, umbrella brands, sub-brands, brand core story, Brand Academy.

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Ad­ver­tis­ing strate­gies

Strategic planning, marketing goals, advertising goals, competitive analysis, target group definition, personas, product positioning, key messages, market research, media-neutral concepts, creative briefing, success monitoring.

Em­ploy­er mar­ket­ing

Employer branding, employer brand development, employer value proposition, personnel marketing.

Me­dia plan­ning

Media analysis, digital and classic media planning, social media advertising, Google ads, SMM, media buying, efficiency optimisation.


Our Cas­es

Prod­uct launch of the Vi­v­a­lyt­ic di­ag­nos­tic plat­form


A textbook international product launch: Based on a strong main idea, we developed a wide range of marketing measures for Bosch Healthcare Solutions.

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Dri­ve sys­tems for pri­va­cy and sun pro­tec­tion


In an exciting transformation process, we evolved the corporate identity from dark blue-grey to sunny and optimistic tones: Geiger as “Partner to the Sun”.

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Creative development and execution

Op­er­a­tional ex­per­tise as an ad­ver­tis­ing agency

 Throughout our long agency history, we have built up a high level of expertise in brand communication. With this in mind, we consider ourselves both a B2B agency and a B2C agency. In both fields, we have earned very positive references from major international brands and leading medium-sized companies. For a number of our clients, we were and are responsible for the entire spectrum of brand management activities. In detail, we are entrusted by clients as an advertising agency with the following tasks:


Strategic-creative naming and development of brand names, branding, product names and company names, names for product groups, naming systems

Logo development

Internationally trademarkable word-image marks, word marks or image marks, signets, key visuals, evolutionary logo development

Slogans & mottos

International brand slogans or taglines, campaign or event-specific slogans

Corporate and brand design

Brand visuals and image development, corporate and brand design manuals, style guides, web kits, business stationery, visual language definition, corporate and brand wording, corporate and brand design portals, corporate and brand architecture


National and international campaigns, print advertisements, digital campaigns, social media campaigns, native advertising, international adaptation of campaigns, B2B campaigns, image campaigns, product launches, market launches


Product brochures, image brochures, environmental reports, annual reports, customer magazines, employee magazines, anniversary brochures

POS marketing

On-pack promotions, POS material, package design, trade marketing, design of shop windows, merchandising and showrooms

Radio campaigns

Concept development and execution of radio advertising and podcasts

Outdoor advertising

Creation of large-scale billboards and city lights, public transport advertising, ambient advertising

Work examples

Ad­ver­tis­ing Work

All disciplines
corporate design / classic

Recaro customer magazine

The 20-page Recaro ‘onboard’ customer magazine is published twice yearly in both German and English.


From in­di­vid­ual mo­tifs to a ‘swarm’

Advertising campaigns today usually have the character of a swarm: A swarm of diverse digital advertising motifs, text ads, content elements, email prompts, landing pages, print motifs and others. Target groups use a variety of channels and the customer journey is complex. Brand management, creative development and media planning are therefore equally challenging. What’s our story, what’s our big idea? Only those who know how to condense their messages and charge them with excitement and emotion will achieve return on investment from marketing – and these effects can be measured via marketing controlling.


Great ideas call for real com­mit­ment

Strategy and briefing are condensed into a written creative brief for creative development. This is discussed, reflected on and debated together with the creative team. This is then followed by one or several phases of concept development, the initial aim of which is to generate a wide range of approaches. The resulting variety of often more than ten different solutions is evaluated in a joint process, and in some cases, ideas are combined, condensed and further developed. The goal is to end up with 3-5 approaches, which are first roughly worked out and discussed with the client in a review session or workshop.

Based on this feedback, we usually continue to work on 2-3 approaches. Depending on the size of the assignment, this creative process can take anywhere from two to six weeks. The same applies to the composition of the team involved: In the leanest scenario, two creative people work on the solution; for large and cross-disciplinary tasks, we commit as many as ten employees to the assignment. Art, design, UX, copywriting, technology experts, creative media planners all work together in an integrated fashion on complex projects. About a week before the presentation, it is decided whether all three approaches, or two or one will be presented.

Decisive factors for outstanding, high-impact creative development

  • A solid, high-potential strategy
  • An immediate start directly after placing the order
  • A well-structured process
  • A positive and inspiring team spirit
  • Sufficient resources for support on the client side
  • A budget adequate for the task
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More impact with data

Data-dri­ven, cross-chan­nel cam­paigns

As a rule, a large amount of data is already available for the strategic development process. We compile and evaluate data on markets, target groups, media use, performance of previous campaigns, etc. The same applies to the creative process: Often, different campaign approaches are tested for their effectiveness in A/B tests. Above all, we use data from a wide variety of sources to continuously measure and optimise the success of campaigns.

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