Cross-channel marketing controlling

Customer Journey – the new complexity

Companies and brands today address their customers via many different touchpoints. The number and complexity of the available marketing channels are constantly increasing – also in the B2B sector – and are changing the way we communicate. Information is available anytime and anywhere. The customer journey has therefore become much more complex, as has the unprecedented amount of data available today in cross-channel marketing controlling. Along the entire purchase decision funnel, clients can see the results the communication work delivers.

Data is being received continuously, especially from digital channels such as websites, social media, Google or LinkedIn. But print campaigns, the results from content marketing such as PR reach or ad equivalence, as well as performance indicators from media also provide additional insights. The outlay for strategic analysis is high. So far, marketing data has often not been evaluated systematically and in an interdisciplinary manner. Although it is precisely here that a bird’s eye view reveals great potential for improvement and for consistently aligning the company to market developments – for greater efficiency.

Technical SEO alignment

In the technical SEO area, fast loading times, the choice of a high-performance server, a good orientation towards mobility, a clean technical structure and error-free programming all play a major role. A quick review using a few SEO analysis tools through our SEO agency in Stuttgart quickly shows whether reliable work was done here. It is not always worthwhile to convert an existing website into a top performer. In some cases, starting from scratch is the less expensive and faster marketing approach.

Aus big data wird smart data 02
Big Data becomes Smart Data


Every marketing activity, every euro and therefore the marketing function itself are under constant justification pressure. Where do we invest our budget most effectively? A structured and strategic evaluation of the key performance indicators based on defined goals or marketing KPIs provides management with promising insights. Comparisons of product groups, countries and industry sectors, compared with the previous quarter or previous year – this is where tangible strengths and weaknesses become apparent, similarly to operative sales controlling. Which industry has even more potential, in which country have we achieved a great effect with a small budget? On this basis, new targets for marketing controlling can be defined in monthly comparisons.

Close collaboration between marketing and sales

But is it worth all the effort? Data-supported marketing decisions allow resources to be used for new measures in an even more targeted manner. When data silos are broken down and marketing and sales data are successfully linked, cross-channel insights into customer behaviour lead to optimised lead generation. Very concrete questions find an answer in Big Data Marketing, for example how much reach is needed to build up leads. Therefore, cross-channel marketing controlling supports sales, while providing clear evidence of performance as a contribution to the company’s success.

Our service modules in detail:

  • Client-specific marketing analytics
  • Integration of software tools
  • Monthly evaluation
  • Data-based recommendations for better performance


Today, analytical tools are also available for smaller companies, at affordable monthly costs. With simple means, you can start to build up marketing controlling, visualising data and working accordingly. The question is, at what pace should the issue best be addressed. You can also start by tracking only specific campaigns, all the way through to regular cross-media analyses using a client-specific dashboard. Marketing analytics should be included in the daily routine because they enable improved measures planning and performance. And, last but not least, the client experiences an even better customer experience because they receive information that is even more closely tailored to their needs.

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