Archetype: Paving the way to the new. Founding vision. A clear client orientation.

In 2005, Steffen Ruess founded the core of the current agency group.

In view of the rapidly growing number of communication channels, after spending several years at various stations in specialised agencies and in-depth discussions with clients, Steffen Ruess clearly recognised the need for a holistically thinking marketing partner. Clients began to yearn for agencies that could solve marketing tasks from a single source, and provide them with objective advice as sparring partners. Initially, there were many sceptics who claimed that clients would only be looking for specialists.

This overlooked the fact that the number of real experts in the specialised agencies is usually limited. The majority of employees are mostly young and inexperienced. So it had to be possible to set up a smaller agency that would almost exclusively bring together experienced experts from various disciplines and achieve amazing things with a compact team.

Start-up clients such as Bosch, Nestlé and Saeco agreed with the founding idea. Two years later, a major industry discussion about this approach raged in the trade magazines. As a result, almost all major agencies began to form interdisciplinary client teams. Of course, the demand is high to move in many disciplines and to become experts in many fields. But this founding claim still drives us today, it fascinates and enriches us. We are happy to play our part in ensuring that our clients thrive. Understanding our clients’ situations and developing services today that will be needed tomorrow is our brand territory.

Quality of service

A functioning strategy and outstanding creation, perfected technology and reliable achievement of goals are certainly what our customers pay us for in the firstplace.

communication tool: It is always important for us – in close and agile collaboration with the client and in a joint process – to achieve the best result and to ideally dovetail the mutual know-how.

Through processes defined in writing in the teams, which we continuously optimise in feedback loops, we ensure that we also perform well in the basics:

Quality of service
  1. Constant availability of the respective team, even during vacation or illness
  2. Reliable adherence to promised timing and deadlines
  3. Flawlessness of the relevant intermediate project stages and the final products
  4. Reliability in billing issues
  5. Expertise of the individual employees
  6. Quality in every detail


Our basic idea could be described as “federal”. The agency group is structured according to units, which at the same time are limited liability companies under the umbrella of the Ruess Group.

We delegate a relatively large amount of responsibility to the second management level and to the individual employee, leaving as much freedom as possible as to exactly how the respective project goals are achieved. Our unit managers are given the option to participate in the company as partners. The aim is to achieve the highest possible level of dynamism and identification, and to allow leeway for fun at work.

There is a certain art in bringing together up to 10 or 12 experts from different areas in an efficient process, depending on the project – in a wide variety of constellations depending on the client and the project. In other words: We work in a way that is extremely agile and networked. Employees handle a broad stream of information in order to have the same level of knowledge within their project teams. For each assignment, we bundle areas of expertise and customise an interdisciplinary team for our client, which advises holistically, designs and realises projects from a single source: a “customised agency”.


We deliver international marketing – in consulting, strategy, concept development and implementation.


Our mission is to support our clients effectively and over the long term, and to help them achieve their business objectives.

  1. A partner with overall responsibility for the achievement of objectives
  2. A comprehensive and highly competent consulting and sparring partner
  3. Effective overall solutions
  4. Lightening the client’s load through services from a single source
  5. Reduction of your control and coordination effort
USP: Interdisciplinary

Solutions that help you achieve your marketing and business goals are in most cases solutions where several disciplines and different areas of expertise play a role. No other agency in Baden-Württemberg offers this breadth.

USP: International

Most of our clients have a high export share of business. Together with our clients, we have continually expanded our international expertise and contacts over the past decades. Today we are active in all relevant industrial countries around the globe with specific marketing concepts: from digital to advertising, content marketing and PR, we realise trade fair presences worldwide. No other medium-sized agency in Baden-Württemberg works as internationally as we do.

USP: Digital

Digital marketing has developed enormously in recent years and offers immense opportunities. But it has also become more complex. Therefore, a clear digital strategy is needed with new content, design, programming, networking, digital advertising, CRM tools, tracking and data analytics almost daily. We can do it all. From just one source. And we therefore have the most complete digital service spectrum in the southwest of Germany.

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    Team of experts

    Our position in the market is determined by dimensions such as consulting, strategy, expertise and quality. We are consistently working on expanding and improving these. Our teams are composed differently than is usual in the market. And with good reason. Internally, we call this the expert model. Our teams are characterised by:

    • A high level of experience, average age 42 years
    • A wide range of language skills
    • Targeted employee development
    • 90% of our employees have at least one university degree
    • Industry experts work for industry experts (e.g. engineers write for engineers, architects for architects)

    And yes, some of this is self-serving as well. We have no desire to torment ourselves through projects with only junior staff. Experienced teams can move so much more and so much more quickly. We learn from each other and inspire each other every day – and we have more fun doing it too.