March 31, 2021

Corporate publishing agency for outstanding marketing tools

17 years of Sequence – a point of reference for packaging technology

The fascination of the printed word continues unabated and is held in high esteem across all industries, especially in the corporate publishing sector for B2B with customer magazines produced in high quality. Strategically conceived, journalistically written and digitally integrated, this form of corporate publishing is still today an extremely valuable marketing tool that positively appeals to customers on several levels with a balanced mix of information and emotion. Sequence is a customer magazine that has been doing this successfully for 17 years. As PR agency and corporate publishing experts in Stuttgart, we have been developing this 80-page innovative B2B magazine for our client Schubert, packaging machine manufacturer from Crailsheim, every year since the first issue. 15,000 copies of the current issue were published in German and English.

An elaborately designed corporate publishing print magazine on high-quality paper is more than just image cultivation for a company. The magazine’s feel and substance appeal to the target audience in a unique way, offering a different emotional experience than purely digital corporate publishing magazines. This year, for example, we took advantage of this phenomenon in our choice of paper and format. In keeping with the guiding theme of sustainable packaging technology and development, Sequence was printed on a sustainable and environmentally friendly paper with a special feel, which gives this issue a memorable, sustainable character in terms of appearance as well.

Schubert Sequence Mockup 1800x1000

Content is king in corporate publishing

It also visually reflects the journalistically high-quality content from our experienced corporate publishing editorial team, who always prepares the packaging-related and sometimes very technical topics in a compelling and reader-friendly manner – with a great sense of storytelling. To ensure that the company itself as well as business partners and customers feel equally addressed at all times, attention is also paid to an authentic and honest style with many original quotes from participating Schubert Group companies, their employees and contact people. This is something that many regular readers of the Sequence magazine have always appreciated. It also helps to ensure that the annually published magazine is not seen as an advertising tool, but rather as a reference work that users enjoy returning to and leafing through again and again.

Sequence Collage Fakten

Our recipe for success in corporate publishing: Everything from a single source

For over 40 years, we have been supporting the world market leader in packaging machines with international marketing. For 17 years, we have also been responsible for corporate publishing, including images, layout and design, translation and production of the Sequence customer magazine – all from a single source and a platform for the Ruess Group’s successful corporate publishing projects. Another building block in the recipe for success for good corporate publishing magazines is the “common thread” in the editorial plan – even more so than in previous years, the current Sequence issue benefits from its consistent orientation to an overriding central theme.

This year, the strategy of the entire storytelling was based on the many developmental aspects of sustainable packaging technologies and materials, a core topic and a clear strategic focus of the future direction of the Schubert Group and its subsidiaries. In an entertaining way, it highlights the foresight of a company that draws its customers’ attention to issues that they may not yet have realised in this form. Interest in new offerings and services is therefore generated. Demand for the content of the Schubert customer magazine is certainly high. In the meantime, there are not only editions in German and English, but in the past, also partial editions in the national language for the interested readership in China and Japan.

201103 Sequence Japan Innenseiten 1400x900

A trusted source for integrated content marketing

In addition to long-term customer loyalty, the Sequence magazine, as an intelligent and strategic corporate publishing tool, also offers many starting points for further communication and contact, such as PR, social media or online measures. We bridge the gap between analogue and digital for our client with the magazine and reuse the valuable content multiple times whenever possible. This year, the guiding theme of “sustainability” also serves, among other things, as a starting point for the further development of Schubert’s entire public image.