May 7, 2019


Country-specific marketing

The market situations of clients in individual countries often differ greatly

Many companies still don’t conduct marketing in a data- and target-oriented way – and therefore waste significant market potential and resources. Especially in international markets, we see many opportunities to use country-specific marketing. This means looking at the market situation in each country individually, defining precise goals and measures, and using KPIs to regularly check whether marketing is working or how it can be further optimised.

A number of our clients have export shares of 70 per cent and more. The target markets are partly in Europe, but also in North and South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. In order to leverage this potential for our clients, we operate as internationally as they do. We realise content marketing/PR, advertising in digital and print, CRM/inbound marketing and trade fairs worldwide. Looking at the overall agency market, this makes us the only agency in Baden-Württemberg that works so consistently internationally.

This requires a team with diverse language skills, established contacts and extensive international experience. We also use specific software solutions with interfaces to international databases as well as modern translation solutions that create different language versions quickly and very consistently using AI tools. It goes without saying that we regularly travel internationally as part of the trade fair presentations which we build and design, and for important journalist contacts. If necessary, we fall back on proven partner agencies. In Asia in particular, we have a permanent collaboration partner with whom we work closely. This all allows us to optimally adjust our marketing to the market situation.