July 26, 2019

Inbound marketing as key medium

Is the inbound marketing key medium more important than trade fairs?

Until now, trade fair stands have been considered the leading medium in B2B communication. This is where leads have been and are generated in relevant quantity and quality. With the continued development of digital tools, the importance of websites and inbound marketing is growing. Digital marketing can therefore grow into a second important pillar for lead generation. For one of our clients from the systems engineering industry, inbound marketing has even become more important than their presence at trade fairs. The number of digitally generated relevant leads is significantly higher than the number of leads generated via trade fairs.

This digital path is far from trivial and involves some effort in concept definition, development and active maintenance. In total, however, this path can lead to more favourable leads than those acquired at trade fairs and can therefore be more efficient. Most companies will use both ways to secure their growth, especially in an international context. Weighting and detailed sales targets need to be considered for each individual client. In particular, the high interactivity of inbound marketing requires a changed internal organisation, close interaction between sales and marketing and the service providers involved.