The media agency in Stuttgart for worldwide media planning

A media agency that not only knows the channels and media well, but also uses them in a targeted and effective manner

Our media services go far beyond the mere placement of advertising. We know how important the right medium is to the target group in order to transport the customer message successfully and efficiently. Digital and classic. From the search engine to the out-of-home campaign. Instead of scattering budgets, we derive media goals from the marketing objectives, select media strategically, and focus on target persons and groups without wastage. Together with you, we develop customised communication solutions for your optimal success.

The big picture: This is what distinguishes us from media agencies

Our team develops B2B and B2C strategies that are precisely tailored to the needs of our clients. Quite simply because we provide our clients with comprehensive support (digital agency, advertising agency, PR agency, content marketing, SEO agency), we are so much closer and have more complete know-how than pure media agencies, which only manage the media budgets and often only receive their client information indirectly. This leads to advantageous conditions and competencies for media strategy, media planning and campaign management:

  1. Media as an integrated component of a comprehensive and interdisciplinary range of services
  2. Direct link to brand management and marketing strategy within the agency. Focused on clear corporate and marketing goals
  3. In-depth knowledge of client technologies, target groups and markets is key to our industry focus
  4. In-house development of content and integrated solutions
  5. International or country-specific solutions with many years of experience in the global media business

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Optimisation potential for your media strategy

You give us an overview of your previous media and communication activities. Our experts will take the time to analyse your situation and provide you with some first thoughts in a presentation on how you can become even more successful. Free of charge. Interested in setting up an appointment?

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Media 2020: Services that strengthen your growth

We accompany brands and therefore your target groups on all media channels, online and offline. Companies also receive a comprehensive media service for individual projects. From consulting in the areas of recruiting, branding, search engine marketing to programmatic advertising or social media. And last but not least, we guarantee smooth campaign execution with transparent buying and reporting.

In detail we offer the following services:

1. Media analysis of the client and initial situation

  • Media use decision-makers
  • Effectiveness of achieving objectives
  • Print and digital ratio
  • Review of buying prices
  • Interaction of media and PR strategy

2. Media consulting and media planning, both digital and classical:

  • Media mix, regional, national and international
  • Budgeting
  • Target group weighting
  • Research/analysis-based
  • Media buying
  • Media management
  • Document control and accounting

Digital media services

  • Buying and placement of all international digital advertising formats
  • Click- or visibility-optimised campaigns
  • Native advertising campaigns
  • Display and mobile formats
  • eMail marketing
  • Banner- and newsletter-advertising (data protection compliant)
  • Content marketing: Media coops
  • Formats for lead generation: White papers, webinars, podcasts
  • 360° targeting incl. re-targeting
  • Performance marketing: Control of publisher’s details and other websites via own Adserver
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Certified Google Partner in Stuttgart, Google Ads Stuttgart
  • Optimisation with social media
  • Social media advertising (SMM): Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,
  • LinkedIn, XING, YouTube video
  • Performance records AGOF, IVW-online etc.
  • Tracking and reporting / Ad reporting

Media full-service classic:

  • Buying and placement of all classic advertising formats
  • Print: Ad placements and content formats for:
    • Newspapers
    • Mainstream magazines
    • Special interest media
    • Trade journals
    • Mainstream magazines
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Media events and conventions
  • Out-of-home media
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Transport advertising
  • Ambient

Special areas of expertise

  • Marketing in China: Classic and digital campaigns, social media channels WeChat, Weibo, Youkou
  • Employer marketing: Campaigns for the international recruitment of employees in times of shortage of specialists as well as employer branding, including the use of functionalities of career portals, websites and Google search functions
  • Access to live reporting on our website

Added value for client success

Our clients benefit from an agency structure that offers many advantages:

  • Media department integrated in the communication centre under one roof
  • Comprehensive, cross-disciplinary advice from a single source
  • Special synergies from media and PR, creation and design: Advertising and PR campaigns work hand in hand
  • Organisational and time savings through one contact person
  • No inefficiencies resulting from communication with different agencies
  • Cross-media brand management is therefore optimised and effectively possible, not only on paper
  • Established networks – media partners and service providers, strategic alliances in the international media market
  • Continuously developed media expertise with experience since 1980
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