An in­ter­na­tion­al on­line press con­fer­ence for glob­al cor­po­ra­tion Sap­pi

Press conferences have always been an excellent instrument of press work and corporate communications to inform journalists about developments, financial reporting, products, strategic or market policy decisions.. Now the format is changing: Not only against the backdrop of far-reaching restrictions caused by the Covid-19 virus, digital formats are becoming increasingly important in marketing to communicate quickly, directly and internationally.

An online press conference for Sappi

Dig­i­tal for­mats – fast, di­rect and lo­cal­ly au­tonomous

The web press conference is a digital format that is proving its worth especially in times of crisis while offering advantages over the classic press conference. It is a fast, time and place independent, and therefore flexible and comparatively inexpensive alternative to achieve the greatest possible effect with state-of-the-art measures. Journalists all over the world can follow the online press conference from their PC and take part despite ever increasing budget cuts at the publishing houses – after all, time and money for on-site appointments are limited in most editorial offices. The web press conference not only saves travel time, but also overall personnel resources on both sides – in the company and with journalists.

PR agency Ruess Group from Stuttgart recently showed how well this works in practice with a web press conference for international paper company Sappi at its headquarters in Vienna. The Sappi client moved its press conference to the web on March 4 to inform about the company’s new sustainability goals and to present current developments in the field of barrier papers. The response from international trade journalists was consistently positive.

Fa­cil­i­tat­ed and in­ter­ac­tive

Transmitted via live stream, the online press conference does not have to be anonymous and impersonal (which is always the concern). The decisive factors are a clear concept, meticulous planning and the design of the conference as a facilitated, interactive event for the press.

To this end, media representatives are invited to follow the conference online and take advantage of interaction. For example, a live chatto ask questions to the panel, which are then passed on to expert discussion partners in a moderated manner. Careful facilitation is important to avoid confusion when using interactive features. And of course, the panel has to be made up of high-calibre, expert speakers – in our case, the Vice President and Head of Development. Equally important is the integration of multimedia content in order to achieve a professional external image in the company’s own corporate design.

Pro­fes­sion­al­ism in high de­mand

Even if a web press conference is flexible and efficient, solid preparation is extremely important here as well. This begins with considerations on the setting, the use of professional technology for seamless transmission all over the world, with strategic positioning of cameras, the support of camera teams, outdoor circuitry, etc. Even a well-functioning chat and the facilitation of the press event should not be left to chance.

To ensure that companies get the most out of an online press conference, the Ruess Group offers all services for a successful web press conference:

  • Concept, preparation and planning
  • Invitation management
  • Consulting in all phases through to the live performance
  • Location scouting and check
  • Branding in corporate design
  • Coaching of company participants
  • Organisation of technical support and check
  • Implementation of the conference on-site
  • Moderation/facilitation
  • Follow-up

» Broad­cast via live stream, the on­line press con­fer­ence does not have to be anony­mous and im­per­son­al (which is al­ways the con­cern). The de­ci­sive fac­tors are a clear con­cept, metic­u­lous plan­ning and the de­sign of the con­fer­ence as a fa­cil­i­tat­ed, in­ter­ac­tive event for the press. «

Web press con­fer­ence for­mat proven in times of cri­sis

  • Independent of time and place
  • Comparatively inexpensive and resource-saving
  • Flexible and efficient with meticulous planning
  • As a moderated live stream, personal and interactive
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