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We live in exciting times. And one of great upheaval. Business models, market segments and competition, the way we develop products, the way we sell products and services, the way we interact with customers and potential customers… These are just some of the many things we will be rethinking over the next few years.

What will change in sales and marketing? Everything.

When? Every year in big steps. The pace of innovation is breathtaking.

And the changes, which encompass all areas of life, will greatly challenge us – as Homo Economicus, Homo Ecologicus and Homo Sociologicus.

The all-important question is therefore: Are we moving fast enough?

In our first Trend Book, we observe and assess current challenges and developments – and design new navigation paths into the future to help our clients stay a clear step ahead.

Here you have an opportunity to find out more about our thoughts and insight, for instance, on the topics of digital marketing, sustainability, account-based marketing and SEO. If you would like to receive a hard copy of the Trend Book, we will be happy to send you the print edition.

Let’s use drive the momentum of development together!

Steffen Rueß, Markus Rahner & Rafael Rahn

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