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The automotive sector is in a state of transition. The automotive industry is by far the largest and most significant industrial sector in Germany. Hardly any other industry is currently affected by more radical changes. E-mobility, the connected car, shared mobility, mobility-as-a-service and alternative mobility concepts are bringing new and disruptive competitors into play at all levels. In the face of these upheavals, companies in the sector now need to communicate especially effectively – in order not to lose touch. And to make sure they get “on the radar” of applicants and new business partners.

Radical changes in communication

Radical changes in communication

Not only the automotive sector, but communication itself has also changed quite radically in recent years: B2B marketing has migrated to the digital world, at first slowly and then abruptly.

And rightly so: Data-driven analyses clearly show that digital channels can now be used to communicate much more efficiently and effectively.

Strategic consulting based on data

Strategic consulting based on data

The online world has also been a focus for us for a long time. This key area is not a uniform channel. It offers a long list of possibilities with SEO, content marketing, SEA, social, display, influencing, etc. They have to be chosen judiciously and well-coordinated with each other. Quite simply because even the best campaign won’t achieve good results on the wrong channel. This is why we have clearly opted for a data-driven approach.

Holistic, cross-channel marketing

Holistic, cross-channel marketing

This way, we can analyse very precisely when and how we use which channel and which experts we need to involve in specific projects. To be able to respond with high-level flexibility, we have positioned ourselves as broadly and as holistically as possible. And we have specialists on board for every type of analogue and digital communication.

Our team consists of experts in strategy, editorial work, design, UX/UI, web development, social media and public relations. Because communication and marketing work best across disciplines.

Even the classical services of a PR agency, such as print & media, can still deliver good results in certain cases. Especially if you use them using a targeted approach and to complement the digital channels.

Sector focus: Automotive Marketing & PR Agency

As broadly as we have positioned ourselves in terms of implementation, we have clearly focused on a few, select sectors. This creates synergies, saves time spent familiarising ourselves with processes, saves our clients long briefings, countless correction loops, follow-up questions and misunderstandings.

The automotive market has very central focus for us. For a long time now, we have been supporting OEMs’ management and marketing departments, suppliers and providers of new mobility concepts with our expertise and know-how. We now know have a thorough knowledge of all the talking points, events, developments and the key players in the industry.

The trade media continue to be very decisive for automotive PR. Thanks to our long-standing contacts, we are especially well connected with their journalists. And we can target messages specifically to the right people.

Above all, we understand the idiosyncrasies of the industry. This allows us to skip the trial-and-error stage in campaigns. Because we now know very well how and to what stimuli the automotive audience responds. And we can effectively reach select target groups with pinpoint accuracy.

A clear thematic focus: Sustainability, transformation & resilience

A clear thematic focus: Sustainability, transformation & resilience

As with the various sectors, we have also chosen focal points for topics. Here we are concentrating our efforts on sustainability and digital transformation. Today, we are working with almost all our clients on these clusters, which are especially key to automotive PR. This enables us to support communication on topics such as battery cell production, autonomous driving, electromobility, or mobility-as-a-service – in an authentic, well-founded way that is adapted to the respective target groups and stakeholders.

International Automotive Marketing

We have also established a network of partners with whom we can implement measures across countries. This “extended arm” reaches into China’s special internet, which is of great relevance to the automotive industry in particular.

Ruess Group: An Automotive Advertising Agency – as a one-stop shop

Broad positioning in terms of implementation, a clear industry and topic focus, and our opportunities to operate internationally allow us to take overall responsibility for projects – while disburdening your marketing department of considerable control effort. To do this, we deliver cross-channel annual plans and report on results on a regular basis.

On request, we can also begin with smaller pilot projects where we can demonstrate our expertise and our comprehensive capabilities. Experience has shown that our clients quickly learn to appreciate the synergies of a comprehensive full-service agency. From press releases to LinkedIn campaigns, from a new website to animated films, we can do it all – without double and triple briefings. This considerably reduces the coordination effort between the different disciplines – and offers our clients a central, responsible contact person.

Our portfolio for the automotive industry:

  • Communication for CEOs
  • PR, press relations
  • Thematic campaigns
  • Online press conferences
  • Websites
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Film and other moving image formats
  • Virtual trade fairs and hybrid trade fairs
  • Trade fair communications
  • Exhibition stands
  • Corporate publishing (e.g. customer magazines)
  • Brochures and newsletters
  • Apps
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Influencer marketing
  • Employer branding
  • Media (both print and digital)
  • Marketing controlling
  • Industry events

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