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For International Marketing Challenges
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For International Marketing Challenges

Marketing as market-oriented corporate management has proven to be an incredibly successful methodology. Consistently applied, ambitious corporate goals can be achieved with high-level reliability.

As a comprehensively positioned marketing agency, we develop strategies and solutions for our clients to achieve growth in international markets, increase the efficiency of marketing and sales, expand digital marketing or compensate for the lack of expert staff through international employer marketing.

Our own sustainability strategy

Our own sustainability strategy

Credibility and reliability are two of the most important values that we as an agency can offer our clients. We are especially committed to this mindset when it comes to the sensitive issue of sustainability. This is why we have such high standards for our own actions and set ourselves tangible, verifiable goals when it comes to our sustainability strategy.


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CRSD & sustainability reporting obligations: Why companies should act now

02.11.2023. / 6 min read

EU regulations are demanding sustainability, but still many companies seem to believe they have all the time in the world. But now is the time to act! As sustainability marketing experts, we will guide you through the transformation process, because it’s a challenging one. Find out why sustainability is a management responsibility and how you can meet your sustainability reporting obligations.

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Data Warehouse vs. Data Lake

Data Warehouse vs. Data Lake

09.10.2023. / 10 min read

When managing and analysing data, users have a choice between two approaches: the huge storage pool for structured and unstructured data (data lake) and the data warehouse – a centralised, structured database. Both solutions have advantages and disadvantages and the choice greatly depends on a company’s specific requirements and objectives. We have taken a look at both approaches and will help you differentiate between them.

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