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A new era

Navigating a hyper-dynamic world

Navigating a hyper-dynamic world

Companies today are under enormous pressure to evolve and change in times of global connectivity and its impact, digitalisation and the need to operate more sustainably, among many other factors.

Company sales, marketing and communications departments are expected to have the expertise, processes and systems in place to achieve new goals and KPIs quickly and efficiently.

New business models, new markets, new target groups and new corporate structures often need to be supported. The number of significant stakeholders and channels has increased. And every touchpoint is expected to deliver an outstanding user experience. There is also a growing desire for fast response and high transparency – both internally and externally. Many of our client contacts are reporting that it is extremely challenging to navigate in this environment and to cope with this ever increasing diversity of tasks.

Our mission

Achieving your goals is what drives us

As a cross-disciplinary and global agency group, we can take some of this pressure and complexity off your shoulders.

We can help you navigate, and empower you and your company to achieve your sales, marketing and communication goals more efficiently, more reliably and more sustainably. We view sustainability in a two-fold sense: as an objective within the framework of an ESG strategy (Environment, Social, Governance) and in terms of strengthening your business resilience.

Based on your objectives, our teams of experts will develop the most suitable strategies and concepts, take over their execution or implementation, as well as marketing controlling and reporting. Often, these are interdisciplinary and closely networked combinations of measures. In some cases, however, individual tools or solutions within a single discipline can also be the right way forward. We always feel responsible not only for delivering a service, but for achieving your goals. This is how we see our responsibility and how we see our mission.


At the interface between management consultancy and agency

Our agency group's executives advise the management of companies and corporate divisions on the strategic issues of corporate communications, marketing and brand. Sustainability is an area where all three fields overlap, and it plays a vital role in our work. In many cases, our mandates and assignments are not limited to the field of communication, but extend into adjacent areas, which means that we work in the overlapping field of management consultancy and agency. These classic labels are applying less and less to us and to the work we do.

In the context of long-term collaborations, this can take place on the basis of an established regular exchange and ongoing consulting initiatives. In the case of distinct projects, strategies and concepts are developed during various project phases. These are then implemented and their success is ensured.

Areas of expertise

Interaction between specialists and generalists

Abstrakte blaue Wendeltreppe

The vast majority of our accounts and projects are extremely ambitious in terms of strategy, concept, content and quality of execution.


This is why we have developed a team that is exceptionally experienced, with an average of 15 years of active professional background. It is made up of experts from a wide range of disciplines who work together in changing configurations depending on the account and the project – sometimes even across locations. From this pool of experts, we build a strong team for our clients to tackle cross-disciplinary assignments as well as work within individual disciplines.


Analyses printed on paper with green leaves and a light green arrow held by a man and pointing upwards.

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Differentiated international marketing for global players

Many of our clients are globally active corporations or companies with a strong export orientation. Internationalisation and international growth are often the brief.

The market circumstances in the various countries are often different. Based on existing data, our own research and, if necessary, market research, we analyse the situation as well as your potential in specific countries. With cross-disciplinary concepts, we develop and implement solutions to efficiently reach your very specific target groups in the individual countries while increasing your sales globally.

What are the challenging goals and tasks that you are currently facing? I would be pleased to be available to you for an initial discussion.

Steffen Ruess

Steffen Ruess

Managing Partner
Ruess Group


Challenging tasks for outstanding candidates

Advise and support large corporations and brands on their journey towards success and transformation. Benefit in your personal development by working with different companies in an international context. If you are looking for challenging assignments, development opportunities and responsibility as well as first-class working conditions, we look forward to hearing from you.