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    Marketing as market-oriented corporate management has proven to be an incredibly successful methodology. Consistently applied, ambitious corporate goals can be achieved with high-level reliability.

    As a comprehensively positioned marketing agency, we develop strategies and solutions for our clients to achieve growth in international markets, increase the efficiency of marketing and sales, expand digital marketing or compensate for the lack of expert staff through international employer marketing.

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It all comes down to you, whether we concentrate on consulting and strategy, whether we also implement the defined measures as a GWA agency, or whether you assign specific tasks to our team.

Some of our clients see us as a management consultancy, others as their PRAgency or digital agency, yet others value our creativity as an advertising and media-agency or capitalise on our expertise in the area of trade fairs and events. You and your brands can best leverage our unique strength – that of achieving ambitious goals with a high degree of staying power – which our full-service agencies support comprehensively and over the long term.

Maximise the full potential of your resources

Companies that take into account the entire customer journey and the entire purchase decision process of their target groups and that continuously optimise their marketing are in the best position to ensure a competitive edge.

How you benefit from working with us:

  1. Integrated solutions that efficiently achieve your marketing goals
  2. Less control effort and expenditure for your company
  3. We assume overall responsibility down to the last detail of implementation
  4. You benefit from a consulting partnerwho ensures competitive advantages

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Marketing in times of crisis

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    Five agencies in one Group

    The choice is yours: In which field are you looking for an expert team for your assignment? Our agency group has specialised teams that bring in-depth expertise and many years of experience in their segment. And if you are looking for strategists, creative and technology experts for a cross-disciplinary challenge – we will bring together the right project team to meet your specific needs.


    Independent of our agency field of activity, we as management consultants continuously carry out consulting projects. On the one hand, the focus is on achieving objectives in terms of international growth, increased performance and efficiency, and digital transformation in sales and marketing. On the other, we work on brand management issues and cross-channel marketing analysis.

    Together with international partners from sales, personnel consulting, the legal field and product design, we accompany the projects until they are implemented.


    Digital Agency

    Digital solutions aim to make processes simpler, faster, more efficient and more resource-saving. For high-performance solutions with a real client benefit, a correspondingly large number of factors need to be integrated intelligently.

    Based on comprehensive analyses and concepts, our multidisciplinary team of experts develops digital solutions and processes for sales and marketing that accelerate our clients’ international growth.

    Digital Agency

    PR agency / content marketing

    At the very heart of our work is an in-depth understanding of our clients’ technologies, and of the topics and issues that are relevant to them. Our team of full-time specialist editors (m/f/d) develops content in all formats and places it in all relevant channels.

    The objective is to achieve a high level of attention from our clients’ international target groups. With compelling content, you can create a preference in favour of your brand. Using rigorous approaches and mechanisms, we transform these effects into real business.

    PR agency

    Advertising agency

    Brands need reach and visibility to unleash their added value. And they need long-term disciplined and focused management. With strategic expertise, a great deal of experience and a team of excellent designers and creative minds, we can effectively bring out and convey what makes your brand special. Day after day, we surprise your target groups anew and get them talking.

    This applies in an identical way to all employer branding tasks and to the recruitment of international employees.

    Advertising agency

    Media agency

    Our goal is not only to place advertising, but to support sales and marketing objectives with precisely invested budgets. In line with our international orientation, we take on media planning and management in many industries around the globe, including Asia.

    About half of all media investments are made in the digital channels. It is precisely there that our many years of experience play a major role in advising you on which offers can deliver real value.

    Media agency

    Trade fairs and events

    Trade fairs and sales events are the most important marketing instrument in international B2B marketing in many industries. We generate concepts from the brand identity that translate the energy of your brand into three-dimensional experiences and that make you stand out from your competitive environment.

    Many of our clients are global players, so of course we realise trade fairs and events all over the world.

    Exhibition design agency