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Increasing global networking connects us in both a positive and negative sense. The implementation of a sustainable strategy along the entire value chain is fundamental to corporate success: Clients, employees and customers insist on transparency regarding working and production conditions, and they rightly expect manufacturers and service providers to assume social responsibility. Sustainability ratings define the selection of suppliers.

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The fact that companies – and of course we as an agency for sustainability – are assessed by how they pursue the goals of sustainable development shows that it is no longer enough to develop and offer good, innovative products or services. Our society demands fair, sustainable and responsible business practices from companies and entrepreneurs. What began tentatively in the late 90s with the LOHAS movement has reached mainstream society and has become even more prominent in the public consciousness since the Fridays for Future movement. This gives rise to new tasks for management, sales and marketing, which we, as a sustainable agency, are happy to take on strategically with you.

We are seeing a development that is in full swing – one that cannot be reversed: Customers, employees and clients want transparency regarding working and production conditions. And they rightly expect manufacturers and service providers to take on social responsibility. Consumers prefer to buy products that have been produced fairly, ecologically and sustainably. Clients in the B2B sector are introducing sustainability ratings and are rejecting suppliers and providers who are not able to demonstrate sustainability throughout the value chain. Applicants do not choose their employers solely on the basis of financial considerations, but expect a purpose, a sense of meaning and a demonstrable contribution to fair, sustainable collaboration. We have already developed several employer branding campaigns and strategies for our clients based on this.

Sustainable management all along the supply chain and corporate social responsibility are strategically vital corporate policy tasks. Ones that lead to a clear mandate for corporate management: Long-term successful business development combined with a positive company contribution to the sustainable development of society and societal natural conditions. With this in mind, sustainability management has become a central management issue, anchoring sustainability within the company and systematically implementing it in internal structures and processes. As an agency that advises on the many facets of sustainability, we recognised this some time ago and had ourselves certified as a climate-neutral agency. This makes us one of the few climate-neutral agencies in Germany today.

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Beware of the ‘green­washing’ trap

Mockup of the sustainability microsite for Antalis Packaging

An important facet of sustainability management is obviously sound sustainability communication – but that’s far from being everything.

Sustainability is often seen too narrowly as a marketing and communication issue. In our daily work as a consulting agency, however, we see that this approach falls short. Sustainability reports or regular CSR initiatives are indisputably essential building blocks of sustainability communication. But without a suitable corporate and marketing strategy, sustainability communication is quickly exposed as greenwashing. It isn’t enough for a burger chain to colour its logo green or for an oil company to equip petrol stations with solar panels.

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Sustainability communication calls for strategy and credibility

This is why it makes sense to work together with a consulting and marketing agency specialised in sustainability and, on the basis of an authentic sustainability strategy, to then develop a credible sustainability communication campaign that encompasses all relevant channels and platforms.

Such cross-channel and cross-disciplinary sustainability communication is never a one-way street, but rather a dialogue. Engaging with (critical) stakeholders, actively shaping debates and winning fans, followers and supporters are essential components.

Sustainability microsite for packaging machine manufacturer Schubert

Sustainability microsite for packaging machine manufacturer Schubert

Explainatory illustration for sustainability

Facts 'n Figures: Explainatory illustration for sustainability


When the relationship to consumption, growth and globalisation has been readjusted, companies have to rethink and adapt their position as social participants.

Products that don’t live up to the new set of values (healthy, fair, vegan, environmentally friendly, sustainable) inevitably come under public scrutiny and are punished by increasingly discerning consumers. Both producers and retailers are facing up to the current changes in consumer behaviour. But many initiatives are still not authentic enough. We can help you rigorously define your sustainability strategy and activate it with an authentic communication concept.

We can support you as a strategy and management consultant and as an agency for sustainability in the development or optimisation of your sustainability strategy. Moreover, our experts will support you in successfully implementing your strategy.

On the left side of the picture is an open booklet with information about the Schubert company; on the right, slightly above it, is a second booklet showing the cover with the title "Sequenze"

With which service modules we as an agency can strengthen your sustainability communication:

Sustainability strategy
  • Sustainability audit: Status analysis based on the relevant standards (e.g. GRI G4 Global Reporting Initiative, UN Sustainable Development Goals), strengths/weaknesses profile, fields of action, competitive analysis, research of relevant topics
  • Stakeholder mapping: Identifying the relevant players, multipliers and potential critics from the areas of media, politics, interest groups, NGOs, analysts and social media / influencers
  • Synthesising the results into an authentic sustainability strategy
  • Implementing KPIs and measurement systems such as balanced scorecards
  • Developing a comprehensive, integrated communications strategy: PR and publicity (e.g. daily and business media, TV, radio, online media); trade fairs, conventions, events (virtual / real); social media channels (e.g. LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest); advertisements (print, online, social); in-house publications
Developing and/or optimising your sustainability communications
  • Stakeholder relations and stakeholder dialogue (based on stakeholder mapping) with relevant stakeholders from the media, social media, politics, analysts and interest groups / NGOs
  • Agenda-setting: actively addressing and occupying the relevant topics
  • Positioning board members, executives and experts via classic print and online media, social media, events, publications, podcasts, video formats
  • Campaigns and integrated communications: Elaborating integrated, cross-channel campaigns and developing the appropriate formats and content, such as texts (press releases, speeches, brochures, CSR/sustainability reports, social media posts), images & graphics (e.g. for social media channels), video and audio (podcasts)
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Seeing through the methodology jungle

We will be pleased to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of the various models, such as the triple bottom line approach, the 3-pillar model and 3P (People, Planet, Profit).

Sustainability Report Agency

As an agency for sustainability, we master the individual steps on the way to a sustainability report and are happy to accompany you in this process.

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website / digital
Schubert sustainability microsite

Schubert sustainability microsite

“Mission Blue” is the name of Schubert’s new Sustainability Initiative, which bundles all activities relating to sustainability. The new microsite is the focal point of all communications across all channels, externally and internally at Schubert. Concept, design, technology and editing – all from a single source – made by Ruess Group.

films / Sustainability
Susatinability films for Schubert to represent the sustainable development goals

Schubert sustainability films

To visualise Mission Blue – the Schubert GmbH sustainability initiative – and its integration into global development goals, we created ten short films with statements from selected employees.