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We created ten short films to visualise Mission Blue – Schubert’s sustainability initiative – and how it fits into the global development goals of the United Nations. The compact films focus on employees who describe the topic of sustainability in the context of their own area of responsibility and with a view to its significance for the entire company. In another film, Schubert management presents the sustainability concept in more detail.

Susatinability films for Schubert to represent the sustainable development goals

The client

Gerhard Schubert GmbH is a German company specialising in the development and production of packaging machines. The company was founded in 1966 and is known worldwide for its innovative technology and high-quality packaging solutions. Schubert is a leader in the packaging industry and offers customised solutions for a wide range of sectors.

The assignment

Central to the Schubert corporate sustainability topic is the integration of the Mission Blue sustainability initiative into the seventeen global development goals. Schubert also aligns itself with these goals. This Mission Blue journey is undertaken together with the employees – from management through to trainees. Each individual is part of this journey and proud of how they/the team/department/company can contribute to Mission Blue. Based on a corporate master plan, but in many cases also on personal conviction, all the large and small contributions are made at Schubert to the issues of a sustainable future – for the environment and for humankind. In this way, Schubert covers ten of the seventeen SDGs. And this is exactly what had to be captured naturally and authentically in the short videos. They were intended for use on various platforms, from the website and YouTube, to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


  • Concept
  • Storyboard & content
  • Film production
  • Integration into all communication measures related to Mission Blue

The corporate film on Schubert Mission Blue

The main Mission Blue film

Film intro: Action follows mindset. This is what Schubert stands for, this is what our Mission Blue stands for and this is what an entire Schubert team stands for. From the management to the human resources and production departments to the minds behind our technologies and packaging solutions. Find out about the sustainable goals we aim to achieve and how we are already implementing some of them in the video.

Ten achieved United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In ten compact short films, selected employees from their various areas of responsibility and work describe the importance of sustainability at Schubert and what contribution this makes to the Schubert SDGs.

The corporate message of Mission Blue is given several faces and an overarching classification in the global development SDGs. The corporate theme is emotionalised with the help of several 30-second contributions from likeable characters.

The individual contributions are meant to be spontaneous, natural and authentic. Filming takes place in a realistic environment, where our participants work in their everyday lives. In production, in the seminar room, in the office, on the building site. The camera work is calm and focused on the speaker. Changing camera angles (sideways, frontal) and other stylistic devices are used.

Health and well-being

Video on Sustainable Development Goal 03

We are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The health and well-being of all our employees is of great importance to us. After all, they are the ones who ensure that Schubert is successful through their daily work. Find out what our company doctor Dr Winfried Imminger has to say about this.

Equal opportunities and high-quality education

Video on Sustainable Development Goal 04

For us, education means lifelong learning and the opportunity to never stop evolving. And at Schubert, this often lasts for an entire working life. Listen to what our employees Jessica Göller, management assistant, and fitter Luca Blümlein have to say about this.

Gender equality

Video on Sustainable Development Goal 05

Understanding technology and leadership skills aren’t a function of gender. This is why we promote women just as naturally as men. Our HR Manager Jenny Wacker explains how we put gender equality into practice at Schubert.

Affordable, clean energy

Video on Sustainable Development Goal 07

One of the most important building blocks for a sustainable future is environmentally friendly energy sources. Only by switching to clean energies will we at Schubert be able to produce in a climate-neutral way in the future. Reiner Weidmann, Head of Central Purchasing, shares our current projects with you.

Decent work and economic growth

Video on Sustainable Development Goal 08

If you want to do good work, you need a good, safe workplace. One where occupational safety and equipment are right and one that complies with the most up-to-date standards. See what Jens Stoll, our Head of Technical Organisation, has to say about it.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Video on Sustainable Development Goal 09

Innovation and Schubert are inseparable. We provide the space, time and freedom to create cutting-edge technologies in the packaging industry. Listen to Benjamin Brand, cooperative robotics developer, describe the work in the Cobot team.

Reduced inequalities

Video on Sustainable Development Goal 10

As an internationally active company, we also bear international responsibility. Reducing unequal working conditions in different countries is an important goal for us. Find out what our Chinese project manager Ping Meng has to say about this.

Responsible consumption and production

Video on Sustainable Development Goal 12

Millions of packages are used every day around the world - a huge lever for more sustainability. And one that we are addressing very specifically with new packaging solutions. Our packaging developer Valentin Köhler explains how.

Climate action

Video on Sustainable Development Goal 13

We really want to live sustainability and are therefore doing a number of things differently than in the past. A very tangible goal for us is certification in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. See what Peter Schubert, Assistant to the Technical Management, has to say about it.

Partnership to achieve the goals

Video on Sustainable Development Goal 17

Our climate goals can only be achieved through joint efforts. Constructive partnerships are essential for us to be able to develop and advance new solutions. Our application engineer Laura Gascho explains why.

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