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Storytelling at its best.
50 years of success packed into 3 minutes.

Schubert anniversary film

The client

As an innovation driver and technology leader, packaging machine manufacturer Schubert has been shaping the international packaging industry for more than half a century. With customised robot-assisted systems for FMCG manufacturers, the Schubert Group is setting new benchmarks in terms of efficiency and flexibility. Thanks to consistent modularity and the extensive use of robotics, Schubert systems can be used to package an impressively large portfolio of diverse products. And flexibly, with an extensive range of packaging formats. Now the family-owned company is bringing its vision of a sustainable packaging world to life with its Mission Blue Sustainability Initiative, which bundles all activities relating to sustainability.

The assignment

How did we “package” the Schubert success story on the occasion of its 50th anniversary – in compact form and with high impact? The aim was to create an anniversary film that focuses on founder Gerhard Schubert who embodies the company’s innovative spirit – as driving force over decades and as head of the family. The generational change which has already begun – through to the third generation – had to be communicated in a personal, authentic and emotionally charged way.


  • Concept
  • Storyboard
  • Film production
  • Integration into all communication measures relating to the 50th anniversary
  • Premiere: 1 July 2016, Anniversary event in the assembly hall in Crailsheim

Back to the future

During a day at the office, in a moment of reflection, Gerhard Schubert talks to his granddaughter Alisa about how it all began. In a very personal and compelling way, we find out how the Schubert company developed from a small garage business into what it is today.

Four days of filming presenting a first-hand look at the roots of the Schubert company. With a film crew in constant action, every hour of sunlight counted!

As contributors, two former employees represent the beginnings; the youngest Schubert granddaughter Alisa stands for the future.

Have a look at the Schubert anniversary film, which was shown for the very first time during the festive evening celebration on 1 July 2016 and drew spontaneous standing ovations from the guests. Join us on a journey to Beuerlbacher Straße, where it all began, and experience Schubert’s secret future laboratory...

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