Tradition and innovation

The PR agency 2.0: Communication in the digital age

In 1980, when our agency group first started systematic PR work, public relations and publicity were primarily about reaching various stakeholders through the press or in-house magazines. Since then, the number of communication channels has risen sharply – and continues to grow at a staggering rate. Entirely new communication methods and text formats have been added via social media channels, apps and CRM tools. The fields of classic public relations, advertising and digital communications have merged to form the large content marketing playing field. 

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Goal-oriented and measurable

Increasing sales with all touchpoints

The public relations work of the past has evolved into a broad spectrum of methods that can be used to support the entire purchasing decision processes of companies and consumers. Quite simply because content is needed at every touch point. And at every single touch point, it’s all about understanding the information needs of the reader or user, making the most of the opportunities and peculiarities of the specific channel to achieve our clients’ objectives, and to effectively convey the brand. All contact points are linked via the use of a consistent theme or overarching story. Depending on the concept, these storylines can extend over a few days or last for many months. 

An important criterion for the length of the contact journey is the duration of the purchase decision process. To be able to influence this in a relevant number of cases, it often has to extend over many months in the capital goods sector, whereas in the B2C sector seasonal promotions are often played out over a few days. In correspondingly complex overviews, we plan the individual content pieces for each point in time and each channel far in advance – dividing an umbrella topic into many different aspects and perspectives. The goal is a rich presence of the brand and theme, nationally, internationally or worldwide. Depending on the objective of the collaboration, the result is rapidly growing awareness or a high number of interested parties and enquiries.

Our strengths:

  • Over 40 years of agency experience in public relations and content-based communication
  • High-level strategic consulting expertise in marketing environments and in strategic corporate communication
  • All work is initiated with clearly defined goals and KPIs, data-based setting up of concepts and planning, ongoing optimisation of measures based on marketing controlling
  • Linking PR with media, creative work and all digital channels through interdisciplinary agency teams for significantly higher impact
  • Extensive experience with international and worldwide communication, established international journalist contacts
  • Creative, state-of-the-art and fresh concepts and ideas on a detailed level
  • Experienced experts who advise, guide and support you on a day-to-day basis
  • Proactive input and the ability to work independently. Following an orientation phase, only lean resources on the client side are required
Forward-looking and judicious

Strategic corporate communication

As a management consultancy specialised in communications, we continuously manage numerous mandates in sensitive strategic assignments, which are most often tied to the board or company management. In practice, some assignments span several fields.

Reputation management

Strengthening and restoring public confidence in the company

CEO positioning and CEO communication

Working out a target profile via medium- or longer-term measures

Change communication and change management communication

Ensuring change through targeted processes. Depending on the challenge, we supplement our team with organisational developers

M&A communication

Support of M&A projects in the development and execution phases

Crisis communications

Advice, planning and ad hoc support

Sustainability communications

Comprehensive advice and support, sustainability strategy, developing or optimising your sustainability communication, CSR/sustainability reports.

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Diverse channels and formats

Operational expertise as a PR agency 

The pivotal starting point for public relations is the comprehensive expertise of our content specialists and specialist editors in terms of our clients’ and partners’ industries, technologies and markets. This enables the development of content – be it text, photos, graphics or film – that is valued by readers and users, the press and other multipliers. For digital channels, the content is structured by the agencies in such a way that the reader can quickly find the right information for his or her purchase decision process. 

Our service modules in detail:

Press work in print and digital as well as radio and TV

Content for trade media, special interest titles, business press, daily press, radio and TV with a wide variety of formats such as press releases, specialist articles, case studies, interviews, reports, white papers, statements, advertorials, press conferences, online press conferences, press talks, press events, trade fair related PR

Website content

Static and up-to-date texts for websites, SEO-optimised, web magazines, blogs, news sections, podcasts, web seminars, lead generation, infographics, photos, videos 

Social media

Posts for all relevant channels (especially LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram), in-mails, strengthening content through advertising formats, interaction with users, increasing follower numbers, training social media ambassadors and corporate influencers in the companies, social media guidelines

Email marketing

Newsletters, content for CRM tools and automated marketing

Corporate publishing

Customer magazines, employee magazines in web and print or both, annual reports, environmental reports

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Influencer marketing

Research, selection and involvement of influencers, blogger events


Discerning content, design, production, special publications


In-house photographers, research and booking of external photographers and stylists


Statement films, explanatory films, industrial films, social media films, product films, cinematic reports

Work examples

PR works

All disciplines
Public Relations / content marketing
A crowd listens to the speaker from pr agency Schubert, all of them looking at a monitor hanging from the ceiling.

Schubert PR agency

As a full-service agency for the Schubert Group, we have been working as an outsourced marketing department for 50 years. Press work is just one of the key aspects of our diverse and challenging assignments in the context of fully integrated and international communication.

Public Relations / content marketing
Managing Director of the Ruess Group Markus Rahner talks to representatives of Sappi

Sappi PR agency

We develop and carry out international press work and innovative PR formats such as web press conferences, digital trade fair presentations or a video series of industry talks for the world’s leading manufacturer of speciality papers.

Clear goals, complex planning, greater impact

Data-driven international public relations

In many cases, public relations serve to support marketing and sales objectives. The aim is to strengthen international awareness and presence as well as to generate leads and enquiries.

In collaboration with our clients, we develop detailed targets and KPIs for individual countries, sectors, product areas, channels and media. We translate these into themes and a complex planning matrix that we meticulously work through over the year. Often closely linked to media planning. The focus is primarily on large placements of one-page and multi-page articles or long web texts. We use weekly and monthly controlling to check the agency’s achievement of objectives with the help of numerous analytical tools. For large budgets, we use a data warehouse for this purpose and measure the developing impact in terms of brand awareness and trust, project enquiries and incoming orders on the client side. Our experience shows that, based on this precise approach, we can often double the impact. The days when the benefits of PR and communication could not be measured are long gone.

Key aspects:


Analyses printed on paper with green leaves and a light green arrow held by a man and pointing upwards.

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Data Warehouse vs. Data Lake

Data Warehouse vs. Data Lake

09.10.2023. / 10 min read

When managing and analysing data, users have a choice between two approaches: the huge storage pool for structured and unstructured data (data lake) and the data warehouse – a centralised, structured database. Both solutions have advantages and disadvantages and the choice greatly depends on a company’s specific requirements and objectives. We have taken a look at both approaches and will help you differentiate between them.

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Significant competitive advantages

Digitalisation of PR

Internationally, in many market segments we are seeing how the circulation and number of print titles are declining in small or larger steps. We also have to assume that in times of the home office many print titles are not read or are read late. In turn, our agencies place a lot of content in trade media digital portals on a rapidly growing scale and with rapidly growing reach – with positive impact on backlink expansion and client website rankings.

Unfortunately, the further development of the digital channels of many international professional portals is taking place slowly. In contact with important publishers, our agencies constantly bring our ideas and requests into the collaboration with media. More importantly, we cover all the channels relevant to the target groups’ customer journey with suitable topics – networking the channels closely with each other. In our experience, the synergies are huge. There is considerable potential for many companies to achieve many times the impact from the same marketing budgets. 

Currently we are seeing how the technical possibilities for adapting and delivering content – to specific target groups or individually, and in an automated or semi-automated manner – are developing rapidly. The marketing solutions of major CRM software providers such as Salesforce, Adobe and Hubspot now offer modules that make sense and are affordable for large corporations. As a partner and user of such solutions and as a marketing agency, we are developing more and more content for these tools and metrics. Acquiring and using these digital tools require considerable resources and the development of new skills. We build the necessary software landscapes for our clients, provide advice and support in the ongoing application – often in cross-agency-client teamwork.

Indispensable for large translation volumes

Software-assisted translation with AI

For international PR work and international content marketing, we generate large quantities of small and large content pieces that are required in a wide variety of language versions.

We use a powerful software solution with translation memories, with which we pre-translate almost all texts by machine. Affiliated translation agencies – with native speakers around the globe – revise and refine the texts. This allows us to ensure maximum consistency and outstanding quality of all translations.

Other areas of team expertise

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Tools and partnerships

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