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Corporate publishing is journalistic communication that is perceived as authentic and has a positive impact on the relationship between the brand and customers, or the brand and employees. Strategically conceived, journalistically written and digitally integrated, a customer magazine or an employee magazine remains an extremely valuable marketing tool within the framework of an umbrella content strategy that appeals to readers with a balanced mix of information and emotion.

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Corporate publishing in Stuttgart – inspiring with customer and employee magazines

In-house media are often in demand with our clients and increasingly part of the communication strategy.

This is due on the one hand to the restrictions on e-mail marketing imposed by the GDPR and, on the other, to the long-term impact of magazines. One can observe both a strengthening of digital media and the counter-trend, the emphasis on tactile print magazines.

Schubert Kundenmagazin Sequence Ausgabe 2022

Packaging machine manufacturer Schubert's customer magazine Sequence

Corporate communications at the highest level

Corporate publishing is journalistic communication that is perceived as authentic and has a positive effect on the relationship between brand and customers, or brand and employees.

This is primarily due to the strong orientation of the content to the interests of the readers, to a top target group without major wastage.

Strategically, corporate communication has both an external and an internal mouthpiece function, and is about identification and strengthening the brand, or even more concretely: When it comes to presentation, it's all about well-designed magazines – whether print or online, and good storytelling. Journalistic and graphic demands in corporate publishing are now at such a high level that they are in no way inferior to the print magazines of the publishing houses – on the contrary.

Corporate publishing offers many possibilities

The diversity of corporate publishing formats in internal and external communication is immense. Every company finds the right way for them to reach its target group and achieve its objectives:

  • Customer magazines
  • Employee newsletters
  • Internet portals
  • Corporate blogs
  • Web magazines on the company website
  • Sales newsletters
  • Corporate books
  • Business TV
  • Investor relations communications
  • Annual reports, either as a printed product or a website
  • Environmental and sustainability reports
  • Social media / Instagram stories

A positive view of the company by its customers

Customer magazines are usually not very extensive. 16 per cent have more than 48 pages, 30 per cent more than 24 pages and 54 per cent up to 24 pages.

But regardless of the scope, they have an enormous benefit: Readers of customer magazines have a more positive attitude towards the company than comparable non-readers (APA).

The European Institute for Corporate Publishing takes a different view: Three quarters of the companies surveyed see corporate publishing on a par with classic advertising and public relations. And it is no wonder, because in addition to sales objectives, all magazines have engagement goals. Companies want to address their customers on an emotional and behavioural level so that the information, messages, offers and products are shared, evaluated and recommended. This increases the desired multiplication effect.


Works Corporate Publishing

All disciplines
brochures / advertising
Three stacked print brochures, designed by the print agency Ruess Group.

Schubert service brochure

The new service brochure not only provides an overview of the individually configurable service portfolio, it also integrates real-life practical examples and clearly communicates the many benefits Schubert’s digital services provide. 

corporate design / advertising
The custom magazine of the company Recaro, which was created by the Ruess Group, is shown.

Recaro customer magazine

The 20-page Recaro ‘onboard’ customer magazine is published twice yearly in both German and English.

Content is king – also in brand journalism

In brand journalism as part of content marketing, it all comes down to storytelling. And for this, it is always advisable to look from the outside.

The core expertise of a PR agency is the professional creation of content for corporate communication that keeps topic management (agenda setting) in hand. It is the right partner for all forms of corporate publishing that is multifunctional, relevant and that generates commitment.

In addition to new ways of thinking and skills, this requires collaboration between the individual marketing disciplines. As one of the leading PR agencies in Stuttgart, we are experts in all modern forms of corporate information for a wide range of target groups.

Our agency services from a single source:

  • Content marketing strategy with corporate publishing
  • Target group analysis
  • Research and familiarisation with complex topics
  • Interviews and reports
  • Content creation and coordination with corporate communications
  • Storytelling at the highest level – for print and web magazines
  • Accompanying social media posts
  • Translation and editing with native speakers
  • Media planning and marketing of advertising space
  • Creation of image material and photo reportages
  • Layout, design and complete graphic implementation
  • Print data creation and production

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