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Content marketing agency: Content is king & content makes kings

“Content is king,” says Bill Gates. And the kingmaker? Well, that’s the content marketing agency. For many years now, customers and consumers have been getting tired of traditional marketing methods. Decades of advertising bombardment have made them resistant to more conventional types of communication.

Thank goodness for the internet and social media! This is where content marketing, content marketing strategies and content marketing agencies play an important role in convincing and retaining customers in the long term.

In short, a content marketing agency creates high-quality, informative content for the target group that meets their needs, and distributes it via the relevant channels using social media marketing. In this respect, content marketing is the art of establishing a dialogue with users on relevant topics. High-quality content has to satisfy the recipients’ need for information and dialogue so that they do not abandon the customer journey.

Content that is seen, liked, shared and converts interested parties into customers – this is the task of a content marketing agency which consists of strategists, creatives, editors and social marketers with the relevant expertise. We at the Ruess Group are just that – a content marketing agency – for our national and international clients.

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Content marketing, briefly explained

Content marketing is a type of marketing that aims to increase awareness and reach for products, brands and companies among the desired target group through online and offline content.

The content can consist of texts, images, videos or audios that are distributed on websites, blogs, social media or traditional communication channels. The goals of content marketing are an increase in website traffic, more conversions, better rankings on Google and other search engines, and much more.

Content marketing: Goals

Content marketing activities are a key component of digital marketing and pursue a wide range of objectives, with brand strengthening often taking centre stage. The specific objectives vary depending on the corporate strategy:

Improving branding: Companies can sustainably improve their image and reputation through targeted content creation. This leads to increased brand awareness and an extended reach.

Increasing conversions: Effective content marketing can significantly increase the number of visitors to a website. This results in a higher probability of conversions as more potential customers are reached.

Search engine optimisation: High-quality content improves a website’s visibility in the search results of search engines such as Google. This is a decisive success factor in digital marketing.

Strengthening customer loyalty: With relevant and appealing content, customers can be retained by the company in the long term. This promotes loyalty and converts occasional buyers into loyal repeat customers.

Acquiring new customers: Content marketing is an effective tool for lead generation. Attractive content can open up new target groups for products or services and expand the customer base.

Initiating dialogue and interaction: Appropriate, target group-oriented content in the context of digital marketing promotes dialogue and interaction with the target group. This not only improves the customer relationship, but also positively impacts search engine rankings – as Google favours interactive and relevant content.

Content Marketing: Channels

Company website and blog:

The company website with a news section or a blog is the main element of any content strategy. This is how the most important group of web users should be addressed – those who are already looking for your products and services, because you don’t have to convince them of their necessity. This group can also be recognised very easily by the fact that they enter corresponding search terms in the search engines. Of course, it is always advisable to attract as many of these interested parties as possible to your own website, where the relevant offer is presented. Search engine optimization is always key to content marketing.


Newsletters are a tried and tested tool in content marketing. They enable direct contact with customers and interested parties and are an essential aspect of customer communication.


Facebook is like a popular meeting place, ideal for easily consumable and entertaining top content. Creating content such as live videos or 360° images can be used here to maximise user engagement and generate leads. With some 30 million German users, Facebook is relevant for virtually any type of company. The precise targeting of ads and the comprehensive analysis options for monitoring performance are especially important.

LinkedIn and Xing:

These networks are ideal for B2B content marketing. They enable the sharing of specialised articles, the creation of expert status and the dissemination of company-relevant news. LinkedIn has an international focus, while Xing concentrates on the DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) market.


Instagram distinguishes itself through its focus on visual content. Photos and videos are especially great content here, which is confirmed by the constantly growing number of users.

X, formerly Twitter:

On X, hashtags are decisive for content visibility and bundling. The platform is ideal for technical topics and live event coverage. Less promotional but informative content can quickly build up a follower base on X.


A YouTube channel offers great potential for reach. However, it requires careful SEO optimisation of the videos to ensure visibility and generate new leads.


A YouTube channel offers great potential for reach. However, it requires careful SEO optimisation of the videos to ensure visibility and generate new leads.


This platform is especially popular with Generation Z and is great for live videos and images.


TikTok is most popular with users under the age of 23 and offers great potential for innovative content strategies. Short videos, often in collaboration with influencers, can quickly achieve a wide reach on TikTok.

black iphone 4 on brown wooden table
black iphone 4 on brown wooden table

Content Marketing: Content marketing: Success through high-quality content

In today’s digital world, companies and content creation agencies are increasingly recognising the importance of high-quality content for establishing and maintaining customer relationships. However, as we all know, it’s a challenge to capture the attention of users in a highly competitive market.

Success can only be achieved by clearly standing out from the competition. This requires outstanding content, created by experienced content marketing agencies – based on a targeted strategy, seo strategy and a well-thought-out concept that is convincing on all levels.

In addition to the specific requirements of different formats and channels such as social media, emails or podcasts, there are fundamental factors that make up high-quality digital content:

Relevance for the target group

Content relevance, quality and topicality are decisive. Content that is uninteresting for the target group loses its value. It is always important that the content:

  • Deals with topics that are of interest to the target group.
  • Solves specific problems or satisfies needs, such as answering a question or providing advice, entertainment or inspiration.
  • Strikes a chord with the target audience. So taking the time to research the target group is essential.

The development of buyer personas and the customer journey helps the content creation agency and marketing managers keep an eye on the target group and select the most suitable topics.

Satisfying needs

Added value doesn’t always have to consist of tips or information. On social media and in newsletters, people are often looking for entertainment, inspiration or motivation.

Recognising these needs and deriving appropriate content strategies are key to effective content marketing. To find out the wishes and expectations of the target group, a dialogue with them or an analysis of the competition or brand identity can be helpful.

Expertise and trustworthiness

The E-A-T concept (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trust) highlights the importance of expertise and trustworthiness. Content from trustworthy authors is favoured by search engines. So, sources should be clearly visible.


Even the best content loses its value if it is difficult to consume. A clear structure, variety and an appealing design are essential. Content should be easy to navigate and easy to read on different devices.


Content should always be unique, both for SEO reasons and for the user experience. Duplicate content is penalised by search engines. Uniqueness refers not only to the wording, but also to the content.

A targeted approach

Content should not only be tailored to the target group in terms of topic, but also in terms of writing style and presentation.

The right scope

The scope of content should be based on the reader’s expectations. The user’s search intent is an important factor here.


Content should always be timely manner and up-to-date. This doesn’t mean that it has to be constantly updated, but that the information it contains is correct and up-to-date.

Adaptation to the channel

The channel determines the possibilities and expectations for the content. It is essential to adapt the content to the respective channel.

Achieving goals and measuring success

The success of the content is the decisive criterion. Defining goals and KPIs (key performance indicators) is essential for measuring success. Tools such as Google Analytics or Google Search Console can help here.

Content marketing is more than just content

Of course, good content is the goal of all content marketing. Without the right, targeted content at every point of the customer journey, valuable leads will be lost and the measures will prove to be nothing much more than art for art’s sake.

In this respect, content always needs to be to the point, up-to-date, relevant, well-structured and edited – easy to consume and prepared by an SEO content agency for search engines in such a way that it is easy to find.

But there is a lot for a content marketing agency to do before it gets that far. Beginning with the target group analysis, the selection of channels, determining the necessary budget and resources all the way through to defining the KPIs for controlling.

A content marketing agency should not be a single specialist, but a large organisation consisting of a media agency, data warehouse, film and photo production and a few more departments.

We at the Ruess Group are such an organisation. For ambitious clients such as Bosch and Mercedes-Benz as well as big names in technical systems engineering such as Schubert. For companies with ambitious goals and that continue to grow year after year.

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