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Since 1973

As a full-service agency for the Schubert Group, we have been working as an outsourced marketing department for 50 years. Press work is just one of the key aspects of our diverse and challenging assignments in the context of fully integrated and international communication. As a content hub, our PR serves all types of communication channels to communicate the messages from the product and the company to the target groups.

A crowd listens to the speaker from pr agency Schubert, all of them looking at a monitor hanging from the ceiling.

The client

As an innovation driver and technology leader, packaging machine manufacturer Schubert has been shaping the international packaging industry for more than half a century. The Schubert Group sets standards in terms of efficiency and flexibility with its customised robot-assisted systems for FMCG manufacturers.

The assignment

As part of the overarching marketing strategy and against the digital transformation backdrop, we are continuously advancing the integrated content strategy for Schubert with content creation and distribution for diverse markets and sectors – in text, image, animation and film.


  • Agency for international content marketing
  • Press work
  • Press conferences / trade fair communication
  • SEO-optimised web content in 2 languages
  • AI translation
  • Social media
  • Newsletters
  • Film
  • Infographic campaigns
  • Interdisciplinary thematic promotions
  • Corporate publishing
  • CEO positioning
  • Sustainability communications

Press work

Technically sound articles with in-depth industry knowledge are highly valued especially in B2B communication. Potential customers obtain information for long-term investments via trade media or portals, and increasingly from digital channels in line with their media usage behaviour. The cornerstone of our successful press work is in-depth and ongoing media relations, which enables us to maintain personal contact with journalists, to maintain a constant exchange with specialist editors and to develop topics relevant to our clients – worldwide.

  • 1973, the start of our collaboration with Schubert
    774 editorial addresses
    2,343,700 print run (211 clippings)
    26,860,627 visits (288 clippings)
    499 total number of clippings
A graphic of the world map with countries marked in color.
Press conference and press briefings

Media relations ‘par excellence’

Press conferences continue to be an effective instrument of press work and corporate communications – to inform journalists about developments, balance sheets, products, strategic or market policy decisions.

  • International press conference at the interpack 2023 in Düsseldorf
  • 30 journalists on site
  • 20 individual press meetings on future topic planning
  • Presentation of Schubert’s technical innovations
  • Status of the Mission Blue sustainability initiative
  • Comprehensive trade fair communication before, during and after the interpack
A crowd listens to a speaker from pr agency schubert talking into a microphone and standing in front of various machines.

Press conference Interpack

A crowd listens to a speaker from pr agency schubert standing in front of a monitor in a trade fair stand.
A speaker from pr agency schubert speaks into a microphone and stands in front of a monitor on which is written "welcome to interpack 2023".
Corporate Publishing

Schubert “Sequence” customer magazine

Despite all the new digital formats, established corporate publishing formats such as customer magazines and high-quality brochures are still successfully defending their position in the cross-media marketing mix and continue to be held in high esteem by customers.

  • Annual customer magazine
  • 2022 issue: Vision 2050 as the main theme with some 30 articles, 90 images and graphics
  • Since 2003 (?)
  • 80 pages, DE/EN
  • Circulation 10,000 copies
  • Ruess Group services: concept, editorial work (text/images), design, translation and production
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Schubert customer magazine Sequence 2023.

SEO-optimised content development

In addition to the technical SEO orientation, the keyword strategy and industry knowledge are decisive for successful on-page optimisation.

  • Continuous keyword analyses
  • SEO-optimised text creation in German and English
  • Translation taking into account the respective keywords per language
  • 650 individual pages per language
  • Microsites for key topics such as sustainability and employer branding/careers
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Website development B2B for packaging machine manufacturer Schubert
 View over the shoulder of a man holding a cell phone and looking at the Schubert website.

Employer branding content production for the Schubert Careers site

Cross-channel: Contribution of our sustainability expertise for the Schubert "Mission Blue" microsite.

Cross-channel: Contribution of our sustainability expertise for the Schubert "Mission Blue" microsite

Interdisciplinary thematic promotions

Thematic promotions
Social Media

Digital content creation for social media

10,000+ followers thanks to high-quality content tailored to the target group.

We continuously increase interactions, especially through the use of short videos (slide shows & surveys). We work with a content plan and channel strategies (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook – although we do less Facebook than Schubert itself, our focus is LinkedIn). The objective is to attract attention with high-quality content tailored to the target group. We have since cracked the 10,000 follower mark on LinkedIn and are also gaining more and more followers organically through visibility. Of course, we work with a combination of paid and purely organic content.

Social post on the interpack

Social post on the interpack

Social post in survey format

Social post in survey format

Infographics campaign

In these days when people’s attention spans are decreasing at an alarming rate due to the constant flood of data and accessibility, infographics are experiencing a real renaissance as a means of communication – delivering maximum compression of relevant company data and milestones that tells Schubert’s exciting story at a glance.

Opened booklet with an infographic by Gerhard Schubert GmbH
An open booklet with an infographic by Gerhard Schubert GmbH


With interesting and compelling newsletter texts, we use a sophisticated newsletter strategy to establish a dialogue with existing and potential customers for Schubert. Every touchpoint is valuable.

The more contact points along the customer journey provide a positive experience for the target group, the more likely it is that a successful business relationship will be established over time. Our newsletter campaigns for Schubert come under various thematic banners such as product promotions, trade fair appearances or careers in the context of further training or recruiting topics. The goal is to consistently direct the newsletter addressees to the Schubert website with its numerous opportunities for interaction and thereby establish closer contact with them.


Videos as eye-catchers

Film production

Films in a multitude of formats are ideal for attracting and, above all, retaining the attention of target groups. From a small teaser film to a detailed interview or an annual summary: Moving images are attractive, informative and to the point or simply entertaining. They are an ideal communication format, as was the case for Schubert’s new sustainability campaign.

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Managing Director of the Ruess Group Markus Rahner talks to representatives of Sappi

Sappi PR agency

We develop and carry out international press work and innovative PR formats such as web press conferences, digital trade fair presentations or a video series of industry talks for the world’s leading manufacturer of speciality papers.

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Sappi blue couch industry talk

Sappi blue couch industry talk

The “Blue Couch” is the new innovative industry and expert interview series put on by Sappi Europe Packaging and Speciality Papers. Exciting guests allow a look behind the scenes of the Group and into the future of the paper industry, e.g. with new products, innovations and sustainability topics.