Busi­ness mod­els in the con­text of a sus­tain­able eco­nom­ic or­der

22. June 2022 / 5 min read

Business models that are not (yet) consistently geared towards sustainability are, in a sense, endangering themselves. Sustainability and digitalisation have become significant parameters for future viability. The comprehensive examination of possible future scenarios and how a company can assert itself in them has already been reported here. Consequently, the next step is to critically examine one's own existing business model. This is also not done in isolation, but in the context of the further development of our global economy - towards a more sustainable economy of maintenance, repair and remanufacturing.

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Ruess Group cel­e­brates im­pres­sive growth in 2021

22. May 2022 / 3 min read

We achieved an impressive 17 percent growth in 2021, with a consolidated turnover of 3.5 million and gross profit of 2.1 million euros with our long-standing client base, as well as many new clients from the technology, IT, e-mobility, real estate and construction sectors.

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Branchentalk von der blauen Couch etabliert sich er­fol­gre­ich

17. May 2022 / 4 min read

The “Blue Couch” is the new monthly industry and expert interview series put on by Sappi Europe Packaging and Speciality Papers. Exciting guests allow a look behind the scenes of the Group and into the future of the paper industry, e.g. with new products, innovations and sustainability topics.

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Com­pa­ny road­trip to Mu­nich to R/Drei In­ter­na­tion­al GmbH

10. May 2022 / 2 min read

Following the Ruess Group’s opening of a new location in Munich in May 2021, the entire Stuttgart team had long been looking forward to visiting the new office. In addition to the pandemic getting in the way of plans, a relocation in Munich also took place – to a prime location directly at Marienplatz 17, with a view of the FC Bayern Winners’ Balcony.

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A com­pact in­tro­duc­tion to the com­plex top­ic of sus­tain­abil­i­ty in and for your com­pa­ny

05. April 2022 / 1 min read

There is no denying that sustainability is much more than just a passing trend. Businesses of all sizes need to directly confront and address the issue to remain and thrive in the market. But the more difficult question is how? You should definitely consider taking part in our “Everything in the Green Zone” workshop. In just under 6 hours, you’ll find out how sustainability influences the day-to-day management of a company in a very tangible way.

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Top Com­pa­ny 2022

13. March 2022 / 1 min read

Kununu, Europe’s leading platform when it comes to employer ratings, has honoured us with its “Top Company” award. This puts us in the top five percent of the best-rated employers on kununu.

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How can com­pa­nies plan for sus­tain­abil­i­ty with an eye to the fu­ture?

06. March 2022 / 4 min read

Recognising that sustainability issues and communication are indispensable as integral aspects of corporate strategy now and in the future is only the first step in a highly complex process. The explosive cocktail of digital transformation and global social developments is often greatly underestimated. Adversely, many companies in their sustainability strategies to date assume that trends are linear. The idea that things will somehow work out in the end overlooks the fact that complex (eco)systems do not develop linearly, but are instead highly volatile. There is an alternative: The scenario technique is a valuable planning tool to help companies become more resilient, crisis-proof and future-proof.

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B2B com­mu­ni­ca­tion in Chi­na – the chal­lenge

23. January 2022 / 3 min read

For companies that conduct international communication centrally or decentrally, it is important to consider country- and/or region-specific aspects. This is especially true for communication in China. Anyone who develops content as an “advertiser” here in Europe, for example for formats like press materials, websites or social media channels such as WeChat, needs to be familiar with Chinese advertising law in order to minimise liability risk. Formulations that are common and seemingly harmless to us may well lead to severe penalties and, in the worst case, a blocking of the website.

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Sus­tain­abil­i­ty com­mu­ni­ca­tion – Reach­ing the goal with strat­e­gy

12. January 2022 / 3 min read

The issue of sustainability is becoming a significant parameter for companies in terms of their future viability. The EU directive on mandatory CSR reporting and implementation of suitable sustainability strategies to limit global warming to a maximum of 1.5°C – in line with the Paris Agreement – are adding to the pressures on corporate management. According to our experience and despite the expected profound impact on every area of the company, SMEs are currently often still at a relatively early stage of the change process.

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An ide­al part­ner to sup­port sus­tain­abil­i­ty strate­gies

21. October 2021 / 4 min read

Antalis Verpackungen is expanding its sustainable business strategy: Effective immediately, Antalis Verpackungen (AVP) will be working together with the Ruess Group management consultancy and communications agency on the far-reaching advancement of its sustainability strategy. The specialist in packaging solutions is thereby sending a clear signal in favour of a green packaging future within the B2B industrial market. The company is now supported by one of the leading agencies specialised in integrated, international marketing with an expert focus on the area of sustainability.

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