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A ­Pro­gres­sive ­Work ­At­mos­phere ­with ­Stream­lined ­Hier­ar­chies­

Marketing has never been more thrilling or evolved as swiftly as it does in today's world. The rapid advancements in digitalization, the brisk pace of innovation, the shift towards sustainable business practices, and the fluctuating market dynamics are catalyzing a complex transformation.This environment has greatly increased the need for partners who can provide expert guidance and support to businesses amidst these transformations.

The Ruess Group is an agency network with multiple locations. We work globally, crafting comprehensive marketing solutions for our clients to achieve their set objectives. In this process, digital media and the collection and analysis of data play a pivotal role.

Our clientele primarily consists of international corporations and large mid-sized companies. To meet their demanding requirements, we have developed a team of highly competent professionals, each with an average of over 15 years of experience. This strategic positioning has earned us a unique standing among mid-sized and owner-managed agencies. With a projected gross income of nearly 3 million Euros in 2022, we rank among the top 100 agencies nationally, are frequently honored with awards in various disciplines, and experience an annual growth of 15 to 20 percent. This growth keeps us searching for talented new employees.

As an agency group and consulting firm, we align our actions closely with our clients' needs. Therefore, competence, motivation, credibility, customer focus, and personality of our staff are paramount. All our services are developed by our team and conveyed to our clients through them. Consequently, we devote considerable attention to employee- and team-related tasks and the ongoing development of our team.

Explore Our Latest Job Opportunities

Are you eager to actively support major companies through their transformation? We are looking for employees and partners who are passionate about the latest developments and trends and can identify opportunities in these changes.

Are you seeking creative freedom and responsibility? Do you want to work with an interdisciplinary team on international projects and manage challenging accounts?

We cherish international connections and global business. We welcome people from diverse backgrounds. However, good German language skills are an important prerequisite.

Women make up about 60 percent of our team. Irrespective of gender, belief, or origin, we are looking for new colleagues who aspire to build their careers in our agency group.

Highly Digitalized & Dynamic Environment

Leading agencies are now attractive employers

Some outdated prejudices about agencies still linger: excessive unpaid overtime, below-average pay, little day-to-day variation, and being sidelined in the digital revolution. However, this is no longer the case for us and many of our peers.

We significantly evolve year by year: We constantly test new digital tools and possibilities, such as artificial intelligence, and implement them in our projects. A few years ago, we set sustainability as a new focus area. Many of our consulting mandates border to business consultancy. The range of diverse strategies and concepts for various industries and tasks one can experience with us is vast. So, for those looking to rapidly develop, expand their knowledge and skills on an international scale, our agency is the right place.

Apply to be part of a team where your ideas matter and your growth is paramount.

Our compensation, work schedules, and overtime policies are on par with industrial companies, but we stand out in our commitment to personal freedom and flexibility for our team. Everyone has a laptop, can work from home, and is part of interdisciplinary client and project teams. The atmosphere is always friendly, constructive, and open. Everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas and make a visible impact. Colleagues are very supportive, and there's no room for a ruthless mentality. Many employees also connect beyond work.

Additional Benefits

  • Structured Onboarding Process: A dedicated mentor for the first six months.
  • Prime Office Locations: Centrally located in downtown areas, easily accessible with nearby shopping and dining options.
  • State-of-the-Art Workspaces: High-quality, technologically advanced workstations. Offices designed for two to six colleagues, depending on the role.
  • Core Working Hours: 9 AM to 5 PM with flexible start and end times. Weekend work is extremely rare.
  • Overtime Management: Up to 10% overtime can be self-compensated. Beyond that, we offer a work-time account and compensatory leave.
  • Subsidized Retirement Plan: Company contributions to your pension.
  • Home Office Policy: one day per week, with role-dependent flexibility.
  • Part-Time Options: Available in various extents depending on the position.
  • Flexibility for Personal Needs: Accommodating sudden family needs, errands, appointments, etc.
  • 28 Days of Annual Leave
  • Complimentary Beverages
  • Annual Team Activities: Including sailing, hiking, skiing, barbecues, and more
Personal Growth and Continuous Learning
What we focus on

Personal Growth and Continuous Learning

In the fast-paced and dynamic market and economic landscape we navigate, our agency's ongoing evolution, our ability to identify key trends, and our commitment to providing timely and relevant services to our clients are of utmost importance. This also translates into a unique opportunity for our personal development and self-actualization.

Our leadership approach and corporate culture are tailored to foster this personal growth. We provide coaching and encouragement, assign responsibilities, and instill trust. Semi-annual performance reviews, along with frequent informal discussions, are key for feedback and setting our collective direction. This communication is not just top-down but equally bottom-up, which is significant in our environment of flat hierarchies. Our leaders, too, seek insights for their development. The executive team's doors are almost always open, encouraging a culture of ongoing, active dialogue.

To aid in this, we offer a variety of established in-house training programs, team-driven workshop formats, and a dedicated budget for external professional development courses.

Sustainability as a Key Principle

We manage a variety of mandates in the field of sustainability communication and in guiding companies towards more sustainable business practices. We are actively expanding our expertise and network in this area.

Naturally, we also apply this knowledge to ourselves. We are consistently working to reduce our already low carbon footprint. Since 2021, we have been offsetting the remaining balance.

Learn more about our sustainability strategy

Recruitment Process

01 Swift Response

We ensure that every candidate receives feedback within a maximum of three days, often within just a few hours.

02 Personal Meeting

Should your application catch our interest, we'll invite you for a discussion with one of our executives and/or unit heads. In this meeting, we'll give you an overview of our agency, our ongoing projects, our methodologies, and our culture. Equally, we're keen to learn more about you.

03 Familiarization Day

If there's mutual enthusiasm following our initial conversation, we'll arrange a day for us to get to know each other better. This session, lasting between three and five hours, allows various team members to showcase their work areas to you, and you'll have the opportunity to ask any pertinent questions. Depending on the role, you might also engage in a brief task or have a discussion with our HR consultant.

04 Joining the Team

If all goes well, you'll receive a draft of your employment contract the following day, which we can review together.

Duale Studentin Kira im Gespräch

Apply proactively

If you can't find a suitable position but are eager to join our team, we welcome your application. Whether you're a recent university graduate, have professional experience, or seeking a new challenge – feel free to apply on your own initiative. Freelancers are also warmly invited to reach out.

Career Contact

Steffen Ruess

Steffen Ruess

Managing Partner
Ruess Group