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Significant segments of the media world are in a state of considerable upheaval: Classic business models based primarily on print are working less and less; new channels with new advertising opportunities are quickly emerging. Media use changes considerably within generations,. It also differs according to country and world regions. Automation and AI are making inroads. The boundaries between advertising, editorial and technology are dissolving. 

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Wealth of experience

Many of Ruess Group’s customers are looking for clear orientation: How can I best achieve my advertising goals today – often on an international or global scale?

Which touchpoints and channels serve which function in the purchase decision process? How can I develop the strength and image of my brand in spite of many small-scale formats? As a media planning agency whose roots go back to 1980, we have a wealth of experience. The experts at our media agency will advise you and develop the most efficient approaches to reach your and your target groups’ goals.

Leveraging potential with precision work

An online media agency and a partner who thinks across the board

The diversity of digital channels and especially advertising formats is huge. Which of them are worth spending money on? What would constitute excellent results? How much more impact can be achieved with a creative evolution of the campaign? The risk of wasting budgets with inefficient media placements is high – especially in digital media planning. And the more international your company operates, the more difficult, or at least resource-intensive, it is for you to check the quality of each individual medium and to implement and monitor complex planning in the next step.

As a digital media agency, we see our role as achieving measurable and tangible results for you – and not simply scattering budget in the hope that it will somehow work. We research accurate planning data and assess the quality of publishers’ offerings with a great deal of experience. We meticulously check the effect of individual placements shortly after they go live and adjust them as an integrated service if necessary. 

As agencies that think across disciplines, we examine all campaign-relevant contact points, optimise each individual point and their interaction, based on real data. In our experience, this approach allows us to achieve much more impact from existing budgets than by planning and implementing individual measures.

Our strengths:

  • Our agencies don’t see advertising and media in isolation, but as part of integrated campaigns and an overall marketing strategy. Our consulting and media planning is geared towards ensuring that the entire package of measures achieves your marketing and sales objectives.
  • As an optional service, we provide creative development with our advertising agency, develop all content for content marketing and provide the necessary digital platforms. From a single point of responsibility, you therefore receive closely integrated overall solutions to achieve your goals. And are ideally positioned to save considerable resources.
  • For a whole range of industries, our agencies have extensive knowledge of the markets, target groups, client-side technologies and trends. Our consulting and media planning is that much more in-depth. Media expertise built up continuously since 1980.
  • We serve many clients internationally, some globally. This is more advantageous for our clients than using different regional media agencies. So, if you’re looking for an international media agency, you have come to the right place. 
Three employees of a media agency standing at a table and talking about Schubert's magazine "Sequenz".
Broad digital spectrum

The Ruess Group as an online media agency 

The following list illustrates this, at least in part: The variety of digital advertising options is immense. Based on your objectives, our media agency develops strategies and plans for you that take full advantage of the opportunities offered by digital channels. 

Online media planning services:

  • Buying and placement of all international digital advertising formats
  • Click- or visibility-optimised campaigns
  • Native advertising campaigns
  • Display and mobile formats
  • Email marketing
  • Banner, newsletter advertising (data-protection-compliant)Banner-, Newsletter-Werbung (Datenschutz-konform)
  • Content marketing: media collaborations
  • Formats for lead generation: white papers, webinars, podcasts
  • 360° targeting incl. re-targeting (data-protection-compliant)
  • Performance marketing agency: Monitoring of publisher data and other websites via an in-house ad server
  • Search engine marketing: SEA agency, SEM agency, SEA consulting
  • Google Ads agency: certified Google partner
  • Social media marketing agency: Social media marketing strategies, social media marketing consulting, social media advertising (SMM), LinkedIn agency, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Xing, YouTube
  • AGOF performance tracking, IVW-online etc.
  • Tracking and reporting / Ad reporting
Regional, national and international

Classical media and campaigns

Large formats, high reach, fast reach build-up: Classical channels still play an important role for many brand objectives. Even in international B2B marketing, as a media agency we recommend running broad product or image campaigns alongside many digital activities to underscore the stature of the brand and create the type of broad awareness that distinguishes market leaders.

Classical media planning services:

  • Buying and placement of all classical types of advertising
  • Print: Ad placements and content formats for:
    General-interest magazines
    Special-interest media
    Trade journals
    General-interest magazines
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Media events and conferences
  • Out-of-home media
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Transport advertising
  • Ambient advertising
Work examples

Media Works

All disciplines
media planning / content marketing
Digital advertising banners for the Schubert company, which are used in campaigns by the Ruess Group's account planning department.

Schubert international media planning

As experts in international media planning on- and offline, we understand the unique challenge of developing country-specific media strategies for Schubert’s various target markets, B2B or B2C. Consumer behaviour and media use as well have experienced an unparalleled digital push, naturally driven by social distancing and as a result of trade fairs and other live events not taking place. Because we provide our clients with interdisciplinary and comprehensive support, we offer fully integrated communication solutions in campaign management, focused on customers and costs.

Step by step to success

Our media agency’s approach

For larger media budgets and major projects, a structured approach is recommended to ensure that all relevant factors are considered and that campaign effectiveness is as high as possible.

This often begins with the definition of clear and meaningful objectives in consultation with our clients. For example, is the company really satisfied that the brand has built up high international awareness? How much budget will this require for media agencies in the next few years? Does the brand have that much time? Are investments also made in all other touchpoints to convert the built-up awareness into sales? It often makes more sense to use media in channels that support sales success more quickly and demonstrably.

In most assignments, we as a media agency proceed as follows:


Working out the sales and marketing objectives, as well as brand, advertising and media goals. Survey of the status of turnover, brand, product, competition, awareness, brand profile, sales structure, prospects, customers in the individual countries. Clarification of the purchase decision process, the role of individual touchpoints in the purchase decision process, players in the buying centre, definition of personas, if necessary, target group definition, transfer to media target groups


Research into the target group’s media use, drawing on studies, if necessary, in-house qualitative surveys in direct contact with the target group, research into the relevant media and their key data, evaluation, empirical values

Media strategy

Setting priorities, defining the main channels, networking and metrics, and especially interaction with content marketing/PR, temporal structuring

Media planning

Detailed planning with the individual media, formats, target groups, performance data, timing, checking and negotiating prices, budgeting

Client approval

Booking, coordination of the required assets and the advertising agency involved, if applicable


Ensuring that all placements are correct, quality control, readjustment if necessary, ongoing review of performance and target achievement


Weekly, commented reporting to our client, if necessary, suggestions for optimisation, if necessary, jour fixes


Invoice verification, settlement in accordance with the agreed mode

Strategic and innovative

Attracting skilled workers with employer marketing

Home page Careers website for Schubert System Elektronik, seen on a mobile phone. Photographed as TopShot.

Similar principles and approaches apply to international employer marketing. If required, we can take over the definition of the employer brand and the employer value proposition, as well as the development of all communication measures: such as the careers website, search engine optimisation, campaign creation, attendance at recruiting fairs and, of course, media planning. As ‘holistic’ marketing experts, we can develop partnerships with universities, sponsorships and CSR activities for you.

Forward-looking and efficient

AI optimisation of media outreach

Our media agency has recently gained excellent experience with the optimisation of digital campaigns through AI tools.

In a learning phase, the software learns which target groups react best to the offering, the brand and the advertising material. We often use different campaign approaches in an A/B test in this first phase. Following a campaign optimisation step, the software performs another learning step. In a third step, the budget is increased to its final scale. 

CTR values and other KPIs in our projects are sometimes up to 50% higher than the values achieved manually.

Our media agency’s tools and partnerships

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