May 20, 2021

An industry chat from the Blue Couch

Digital communication with a new format

The “Blue Couch” is the new monthly industry and expert interview series put on by Sappi Europe Packaging and Speciality Papers. Exciting guests allow a look behind the scenes of the Group and into the future of the paper industry, e.g. with new products, innovations and sustainability topics.

In the latest part of the now established industry talk, episode 4, the new CEO of Sappi Europe, Marco Eikelenboom, reports exclusively on his first weeks at the helm of Sappi Europe. This time, the Blue Couch is all about responsibility, sustainability and innovation. How current ecological, economic and social changes affect the strategy and actions of Sappi Europe and many other questions are clarified at

Following the virtual trade fair as an alternative to the interpack 2020 show in last spring, the “Blue Couch” is the next digital format conceived to enable Sappi to stay in touch with customers and to address new interested parties. We are truly delighted with our client Sappi’s innovative spirit: In addition to concept development, moderation and production, we are also responsible for communicating the programme across channels and for successfully establishing the new format with the target audience.

In the third edition of the Blue Couch digital interview series from Sappi everything was about paper for the packaging of the future. With the spotlight on "(R)Evolution of Paper Packaging", Sappi tells us about the new developments in paper-based packaging solutions. Learn how Sappi is sustainably revolutionizing the packaging industry and what challenges to overcome in terms of technology and sustainability.

Guests on the Blue Couch: Sales Director Michael Bethge and Head of Business Development René Köhler

In the second episode of the new digital interview series Sappi put the spotlight on sustainable solutions. What is the key to sustainable innovation? Thomas Kratochwill, Vice President Sales & Marketing Packaging and Speciality Papers, and Bernardo Semadeni, Director of Innovation, provide insights into the subject "Sales and innovation - what represents success?"

The moderated broadcast of a top player in this market is informative, knowledgeable, insightful and entertaining. At the kick-off on Wednesday, November 4 at 10 a.m. (CET), Sappi Europe’s CEO Berry Wiersum and Sustainability Manager Sarah Price discussed paper and sustainability.