300 years of the Barons von Raßler at Weitenburg Castle

In 2020, the Barons von Raßler will have been the owners of Weitenburg Castle for 300 years. On a wonderful autumn evening at the invitation of Baron Max-Richard von Raßler, the members of the ‘Die Familienunternehmer’ and ‘Die jungen Unternehmer’ associations, from the regional district of Württemberg, experienced what it takes to maintain this family nucleus and this family business over the centuries, and through all crises.

Networking family-owned companies

Von Raßler, the ninth-generation owner, led guests through the family estate, the foundation walls of which date back to the Middle Ages. Close to 40 guests enjoyed a unique opportunity to familiarise themselves with the upscale castle hotel with a view of the Neckar valley. Steffen Rueß, managing partner of the Ruess Group – as initiator of the networking meeting, together with Mossadegh Hamid, managing partner of DIMAH Messebau – moderated the evening.

The host welcomed the guests warmly at the champagne reception in the park. On the following tour through the park and the family estate, there were many interesting details to find out about, along with a few fascinating anecdotes. During his presentation, the owner of the castle also playfully tested the knowledge of the participants about some milestones of the country’s history. In a stylish ambience, the businesspeople then had ample opportunity for an exciting exchange of ideas while enjoying the castle’s excellent cuisine.

Key topics not only covered crisis management during the ongoing corona crisis, but also current industry challenges such as the digital transformation in marketing and sales, as well as digital alternative formats due to the discontinuation of leading trade fairs and sales events.

Schloss Weitenburg

Excellent Moderation

The evening’s moderation was taken on by: Steffen Rueß, Ruess Group (left), and Mossadegh Hamid, DIMAH Messebau (right)

Even a baron diversifies

During the presentation by Baron Max-Richard von Raßler, the special challenges of how to successfully steer such a historic building over nine generations into modern times became clear.

Today, Weitenburg Castle is a castle hotel and a popular venue for weddings, conferences, passionate golfers and bon vivants. The nearby golf course or a stroll through the newly redesigned palace garden based on original designs perfectly completes the feeling of slowing down. But real estate rental and forestry are now also part of the portfolio.

Getting to know the new members

It was especially satisfying to see the large number of new members who found their way to the castle to meet up with other members personally for the first time and to make first contacts.

Due to the ongoing restrictions imposed by Corona, no events had been held since March. This made the event all the more successful and, thanks to summer temperatures and a thorough hygiene concept, it was a welcome excursion and opportunity for exchange for all participants.

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