15 plus 5 years in international marketing

In April, the Ruess Group celebrates the anniversaries of its two managing partners: Exactly 15 years ago, on 1 April 2005, Steffen Rueß founded his first agency with the goal of providing comprehensive marketing consulting and support to clients.

Two good reasons to celebrate

This concept was considered daring in the agency market, which at that time was dominated by specialists. The start-up clients were Nestlé, Bosch and Saeco. On the same day five years ago, Markus Rahner, a business journalist and expert in content marketing, joined the Ruess Group.

He enjoys sharing his knowledge and, as a lecturer at the Institute for Communication Science at the University of Bamberg, he is close to the next generation of scholars. As managing directors and partners of Ruess International, he and Steffen Rueß form the dual leadership of the agency. Success proves them both right: Today the 20-strong agency supports 40 large medium-sized companies and well-known brands in their international marketing planning and activities. The agency has been a member of the GWA since 2019.

In recent years, the agency developed a special expertise in order to increase the growth of internationally operating companies with a variety of digital tools. Marketing and sales strategies, digital technologies, content marketing, SEO, media planning, design, creation and analytics are combined in-house to create effective solutions for projects and long-term accounts. Both partners get along brilliantly and jokingly refer to themselves as a dream team.

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