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With CAPTRON Solutions, CAPTRON has founded a consulting subsidiary. We defined the new brand architecture and identity with the client, and implemented the new online presence based on a headless CMS.

The client

CAPTRON is a medium-sized family business with decades of experience in the development, production and distribution of complete sensor systems.

As logistics solutions become increasingly complex, CAPTRON decided to set up a subsidiary, CAPTRON Solutions, which focuses on consulting and services. The services offered by CAPTRON Solutions include customised software integration and software development, process consulting and project management. CAPTRON Solutions also provides its customers with comprehensive digital solutions from a single source, supports them in the digitalisation and optimisation of production and logistics processes – paving the way to Industry 4.0.

The assignment

As a first step, we worked with CAPTRON’s management team to develop a brand architecture that defined the relationship between the umbrella brand, the product brand and the new CAPTRON Solutions brand. Based on the results of several brand workshops, we then developed a corporate identity for CAPTRON Solutions including logo and colour concept. In a second step, we created an online presence to bring the new brand to life.

Our services

  • Consulting
  • Brand: Brand architecture & brand positioning, logo development
  • UX & UI design
  • Web development in Prismic and Next.js
  • SEO: Keyword analysis

Brand architecture & brand management

More than just a new logo: The introduction of the new CAPTRON Solutions brand raised the issue of the relationship between the established CAPTRON product brand and the new CAPTRON Solutions brand. Should the new brand be entirely independent? Or are there overlaps and synergies? The results set the framework for the new logo.

Consistent design through a UI kit

A UI kit (User Interface Kit) is a collection of assets that encompasses a set of design elements such as UI components and styles. This ensures consistent design across all digital channels.

Modular maintenance

The modularity in Prismic is provided by slices (modules). At CAPTRON Solutions, 17 specially developed slices in different colour versions ensure flexible website maintenance.

Responsive design

The UI design is not only impressive on the desktop, it is also optimised for mobile devices.

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