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Careers website for Schubert


Gerhard Schubert GmbH


Systems and mechanical engineering


Seit 1973

Technologies, Sanity (headless CMS), Algolia (AI-based search software), interface to HAUFE (applicant management portal)


German, English, French

For our long-standing client Schubert, we developed and designed an engaging Careers microsite that offers potential employees compelling insight into the world of packaging technology. Find out more about how we worked together to create a platform that not only provides informative career information, but also reflects the passion and innovation that drive the company.

The client

Schubert is an internationally active family business with close to 1,600 employees worldwide. As an innovation driver and technology leader, the packaging machine manufacturer has been shaping the international packaging industry for more than half a century. And it does so in a way that is both environmentally and economically sustainable. The Schubert Group sets standards in terms of efficiency and flexibility with its customised robot-assisted systems for FMCG manufacturers.

The assignment

Schubert wanted to develop a new Careers microsite that would target and inform potentially suitable employees. This required the programming of an interface to the HAUFE applicant management portal, which always displays the most current job openings.


  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Programming
  • Content
  • Maintenance & support

Find the right job quickly

Thanks to the Algolia AI-based search, job vacancies can be easily searched and filtered. The openings are imported directly from the Haufe internal applicant management portal via an interface.

Find out exactly what to expect

By presenting the Schubert corporate culture as well as specific applicant requirements, it is clearly communicated what awaits him or her. The more concrete the information is, the more likely it is that the future team member will find him or herself in the right environment. For a perfect match.

An open ear for all questions

Applicants are pointed towards their own contact person for all target groups and the various job opportunities, so that they always have a direct, qualified point of contact. Straightforward and uncomplicated.

A wide variety of positions – something for everyone

A presentation of the different company areas and departments ensures a quick overview of the available vacancies. From research & development and commercial positions to sales and service.

Real-life testimonials

Leaving no questions unanswered

Schubert Karriere Website - FAQ-Bereich

An FAQ section for every target group clarifies open questions in advance. And if something still remains unanswered, you can personally contact the respective person in charge of the position.

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