Sappi virtual trade fair

As an alternative to conventional face-to-face trade fairs, Sappi was one of the first companies to stage an innovative virtual trade fair with live broadcasts of press conferences, interviews and product presentations of the company’s new speciality papers – accompanied by live chats involving the sales team.

sappi virtual trade fair, visible on the mock-up of a laptop.

The company

Sappi Europe is the leading manufacturer and supplier of coated fine paper and specialty papers and the number one in Europe. The company, which is headquartered in Belgium, produces printing papers for high-quality magazines, annual reports, brochures, books, calendars and marketing materials, and much more. Packaging and specialty papers from Sappi are in demand from brand manufacturers, packaging producers, designers and finishers. additionally, Sappi’s know-how in the field of fibres is relevant beyond paper production. In Europe, the company has ten paper-producing mills and 14 sales offices with 5,700 employees. The group umbrella is formed by Sappi Limited (JSE), headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, and with 12,500 employees on three continents (turnover of 5.7 billion euros), it is one of the major players in the paper industry.

Virtual trade fair

Virtual trade fairs with live broadcasts from the TV studio set up in the agency, along with event moderation

A camera that records the sappi virtual trade fair.
  • interaction with live product presentations, interviews and live sales chats
  • 1,700 participants (visitors) from 49 countries worldwide
360 min. online event with moderation in 2 days

  • 3 live sessions per day
720 min. airtime

  • Live broadcasts with interviews (incl. branding)
  • Digital platform with further information, videos and presentations (follow-up)
Digital advertising/social media content

Campaign support

A screenshot of a LinkedIn post and its comments on the sappi virtual trade fair.

LinkedIn ads, social media posts, single image ads, virtual registration for interpack/last call

  • 20 posts
  • 2,500 organic search results
  • 200,000 sponsored impressions
  • 600,000 impressions
Markus Rahner, Managing Director of the Ruess Group, takes part in the sappi virtual trade fair as a moderator.
Case Study

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Graphic showing three large paper rolls from Sappi, which are part of the sappi virtual trade fair.
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