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Online marketing consulting

It's understandable that a social media agency is always on the lookout for new approaches, especially in the area of social media. The same applies to an SEO agency and other specialised agencies. However, in order to offer results-oriented online marketing consulting, an agency needs to go one step further and have specialists from all key marketing disciplines. Because only when you have mastered all the methods and approaches can you judge which of them are best suited to each individual case.

Our services in online marketing consulting


Defining digital marketing goals and KPIs in line with the company's objectives.


Strategy development

Developing customised online marketing strategies based on the company's objectives and challenges.

Data analytics

Analysis of the effectiveness of previous online marketing measures and identification of optimisation potential.

UX analysis

Review of web design & tests to optimise user-friendliness along the customer journey

SEO audit

Analysing the current SEO status of the website (on-page & off-page) and making suggestions for improvement

Keyword strategy

Selecting target-oriented keywords and strategies for their best possible use.

Content strategy

Development of a strategy for the creation and distribution of content that offers added value for the target group.

Newsletter marketing

Strategies for setting up a newsletter to get in direct touch with your target group.

Marketing automation

Concept of marketing automation

Social media strategy

Developing and implementing strategies for various social platforms.

Thought leadership

Positioning your employees as thought leaders in their area of specialisation.

Modular online marketing consulting at the Ruess Group

As a generalist marketing agency, we can pick up your online marketing wherever it is. And if you're not quite sure where you stand, we will be happy to work this out with you. We can then show you what still needs to be done – and what the next logical steps are to move your company forward online.

Of course, we can also take over implementation of the individual measures. However, this isn't a must: if you just want a second opinion on your strategy planning, for example, you are also welcome to contact us.

To give you an idea of the order in which we proceed in online marketing consulting, we list the individual modules in the order in which we prioritise them in a marketing strategy. Some of this is indisputable, such as the fact that no measure will have much success without a clear objective – if only because it isn't clear what defines "success" in the first place.

When it comes to the order of other measures, there can be different opinions as to which should come first. Ultimately, this also depends heavily on your company, your products or services, the target group, etc. – and can therefore only be fully clarified via a personal consultation.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) may not make sense for radically new products that have never existed before. After all, hardly anyone will search for something that nobody knows about yet. It may be that the product is the solution to a problem that is frequently searched for. But with new products, the aim is often to generate sales as quickly as possible in order to find out whether there is even a market for the product in its current form. And SEO measures are unsuitable for this due to their latency period of several months. In case of doubt, Google Ads are better suited here.

We can also offer the individual steps listed as "consulting modules". If, for example, it's already clear that a newsletter should be set up, we can advise you on this specific topic. And even with such a specialised task, with Ruess you can always count on our marketing experts to follow our generalist approach and always consider the impact on other specialist areas – even far beyond the obvious interfaces. We are convinced that well-integrated marketing can get far more out of the effort put in than fragmented individual measures – no matter how perfectly they are executed. 


Clear, measurable objectives are at the heart of every successful strategy. Together with you, we set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (SMART) goals and define key performance indicators (KPIs) to quantify the success of our measures.

In order to work out precise and tangible objectives for your online marketing, we begin by analysing the market, identifying trends and understanding your position in relation to your competitors. Identifying your target groups plays a special and very key role in this process. Through detailed analyses, we define your primary and secondary target groups and develop persona profiles in order to accurately position your messages.

Strategy development

Here we develop a strategy that perfectly matches your needs based on the knowledge gained from the previous steps and we align it with your objectives. This includes:

Channel selection: Determining the ideal online marketing channels for your brand.

Content strategy: Developing a strategy for content that appeals to and engages your target audience.

Customer journey mapping: Defining the touchpoints where your brand should interact with customers.

Once a clear strategy has been developed, we then focus on its implementation. This includes the planning of content, the management of online campaigns and the continuous monitoring of the various channels.

It's important to bear in mind that the world of online marketing is dynamic, which requires continuous adaptation of planning. We therefore also teach you how to ensure that your measures perform optimally in the medium and long term by regularly reviewing and adjusting your strategy based on performance data.

It's also advisable to scrutinise the underlying objectives at regular intervals. After all, the market environment and target groups may well change. Or even the relative position of your company: an established market leader needs different strategies than a growth-driven start-up or a medium-sized company.

Data analytics

You can't improve what you don't measure: Sound data analysis is the prerequisite for evidence-based decisions – and ultimately the cornerstone of all online marketing.

We are happy to help you with specialised data analysts to help you understand what your customers really want, how they interact and what motivates them to convert. This enables us to identify and exploit growth opportunities together. It's about understanding not only the what and how, but also the why behind the data to discover strategic improvement potential.

Due to the sheer volume of analyses we perform on a daily basis, it's not only economical but also essential for us to always invest in the best tools and technologies available to ensure accurate, reliable and meaningful data for your business – and not rely on solely on Google Analytics.

But data alone is not enough. It's the artful translation of that data into tangible, actionable strategies that unlocks the true value of our data analytics. We help you contextualise data and turn it into clear, actionable and profitable marketing strategies that drive your business forward.

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UX analysis

With our UX analysis, we dig deep into user behaviour and expectations to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your digital presence.

We explore, understand and visualise your users' journey to gain a clear picture of their experiences and challenges.

Our UX analysis is focused on creating an intuitive, enjoyable and efficient user experiences. By taking the perspective of your users, we help you design digital experiences that meet both user expectations and your business goals.

We then use the insights from this analysis to develop data-driven, customised solutions that optimise usability and engagement on your website or app. In doing so, we identify areas for improvement and provide clear, actionable recommendations to increase user satisfaction and conversion rates.

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Integration für Flip

Great user experience for Flip App

SEO Audit

SEO isn't important for all companies – at most for about 99%. Joking aside: Prospective customers who are already actively searching for your products or services should of course be picked up in the best possible way. This is why search engine optimisation is usually a cornerstone of online marketing. And the prerequisite for a robust SEO strategy is to understand where you stand. A precise SEO audit provides a clear overview here.

With a comprehensive SEO audit, we not only identify the weaknesses and challenges of your website, but also the opportunities and potential that will help you optimise your online presence and stand out in the search engines.

By uncovering hidden technical issues, identifying on-page and off-page optimisation opportunities and understanding your position in the competitive landscape, our SEO audit not only provides data, but strategic action guides for future digital success.

Our well-versed SEO team combines experience and expertise to provide you with tangible, actionable insights and recommendations to move your website up the search results. We bring clarity to the complexities of search engine optimisation and navigate you through the ever-changing SEO landscape.

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Keyword strategy

An effective, customised keyword strategy will make your company not only visible, but also relevant and attractive to your target group.

Our strategic approach to keywords goes far beyond simple search terms. We dive deep into the psyche of your target customers to understand what they're really looking for and we develop a keyword strategy that creates authentic and valuable connections.

By utilising state-of-the-art analytics tools and our extensive experience, we create a data-driven keyword strategy that gets the most out of your website.

It would be too short-sighted to only focus on increasing traffic via search terms with a high search volume. Apart from publishers, the pure number of website visitors is a goal in itself for very few companies. The keyword strategy should therefore always be geared towards the number of conversions.

Content strategy

Your message shapes the core of your brand – and in the digital age, it's essential that this message is delivered clearly, consistently and effectively.

At the Ruess Group, we believe that every brand has a unique story to tell. With our comprehensive content strategy consultancy, we help you share that story effectively and authentically.

To do this, we analyse your target audience to develop content that is both relevant and valuable – creating a connection that goes beyond mere transactions. And in doing so, we ensure that your brand message remains consistent across all channels and platforms to establish a strong, recognisable presence. Our strategies combine creativity with cohesiveness to unmistakably position your brand.

The content strategies we develop with you are not only focused on engagement, but also on achieving tangible, measurable results. We combine storytelling with SEO and user experience to create content that not only touches, but also converts.

Online magazine for ABB

Online magazine for ABB

Newsletter marketing

Newsletters are still often underestimated. To understand their great importance, you first have to look at the interdependencies in online marketing. Almost all measures, be it search engine optimisation, social media marketing or even display ads, don't take place in "public" spaces, but on the property of the platform companies. Accordingly, you are dependent on Google, Meta, Microsoft & Co.

This has consequences. In 2017, Google extended the meta descriptions on its search results pages. As a result, companies around the world invested a lot of time – and therefore money – to optimise the meta descriptions of their own pages to the new length. Only to shorten them again a few weeks later because Google had simply discarded this change. There was no way to influence Google's decisions – or even to demand compensation.

In the medium and long term, building a direct channel to your own target group also serves the purpose of risk management. And an email newsletter is one such channel. Here, companies can reach their target group directly without being dependent on third parties who can dictate the rules of the game or spontaneously raise prices.

This gives the newsletter strategic importance. And that's why we always check at an early stage in our online marketing consultancy whether and how a newsletter can be integrated into our clients' marketing strategy.

Newsletter für Verpackungsmaschinenhersteller Schubert

Newsletter marketing for packaging machine manufacturer Schubert

Marketing automation

Optimise your marketing processes with our expertise in marketing automation: Marketing automation has become essential because it combines innovative technology with intelligent strategies to scale, personalise and optimise your marketing efforts.

Our team combines technical expertise with creative marketing strategy to develop marketing automation solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and objectives. We are always looking for the best tools and platforms to develop automation strategies that not only streamline your marketing processes, but also create customised customer experiences.

We can help you create personalised customer profiles and orchestrate data-driven, customised campaigns through automated workflows that respond to your customers' behaviour and preferences in real time.

This allows you to deliver consistent, personalised experiences across all channels, regardless of the size of your business, while gaining valuable insights into your customers' decision-making journey. We help you use this data to optimise customer segmentation, lead scoring and tailored campaigns.

Social media strategy

Our experts dive deep into analysing your target audience to work with you to develop a content strategy that is authentic, relevant and capable of building a community around your brand.

Our approach focuses on creating content that not only grabs attention, but also inspires action. From increasing engagement to conversion, each strategy is finetuned to meet your specific business objectives.

It's also important to do justice to the unique dynamics of each individual platform. Whether Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook – we position your brand where it is seen and counts.

We always maintain a critical distance from the platforms. For example, we always keep an eye on maintaining a certain independence for our clients. This is because changes to the algorithms, as have often occurred in the past, can drastically decimate reach that has been painstakingly and expensively built up at any time. 

Thought leadership

Every company has some very unique expertise in certain areas. It therefore makes sense to make use of this – and to use thought leadership to show that you analyse and consider market requirements in detail when developing your products and services.

Thought leadership enables your company to help shape the narrative in your industry and thereby build a deeper, trust-based relationship with your target group. This status isn't only a sign of expertise and credibility, but can also help attract and retain both customers and partners by consistently offering valuable and relevant insights.

We help you strategically and effectively leverage your unique expertise and in-depth knowledge to position you as an opinion leader in your industry. The journey begins with an in-depth analysis of your business sector, your target groups and your organisation itself. We research and identify the key topics that are relevant to your stakeholders and show you the most effective ways to effectively share your knowledge and expertise with your target audience.

Using a data-driven approach, we can ensure your thought leadership activities achieve measurable results through analysis and customisation.

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