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Steffen Ruess

Steffen Ruess

Managing Partner
Ruess Group

Trade fair design as an important success factor

Trade fair design plays a pivotal role in international B2B marketing. Far from the company’s own headquarters, it is decisive whether the trade fair designers are able to create a suitable environment for the presentation of products and dialogue with customers.

The impact that three-dimensional marketing can have is tremendous. The reverse, however, is also true if certain aspects are not successful.

In addition to sales and service, trade fairs are the most important touchpoint in our clients’ B2B communication. In a limited space, the brand can be experienced in its many facets simultaneously: Is the company recognisable from a distance? Are the new products easy to see? How charming is the sales force in its dealings with visitors? What quality of stay is offered to me as a visitor? Are there topics that interest me? Which impressions remain in memory over time? Do I understand how the brand differentiates itself from its competitors? What made me curious in advance and how is the post-event follow-up handled? If this “total work of art” is ideally composed, then a significantly higher number of valuable leads will be generated, than if the standard solutions that are characteristic of many exhibition halls are used.

Siemens Messestand

A strong central idea should characterise the whole presentation

To ensure maximum effect of the trade fair presentation, it is important that all elements follow a conceptual thread. The starting point can be the customer benefit of new or improved products and services, or the company’s contribution to important industry issues. The decisive factor, especially for technology companies, is to consistently take the customer perspective and advertise a relevant customer benefit, not the technology itself.

The design of this central idea and its transfer to the various media ranging from invitation to website, and from campaign to exhibition stand, represents a challenge due to the heterogeneity of the channels.

Our services in project planning
  • Evaluation and selection of suitable international trade fairs
  • Budgeting, budget monitoring, invoice supervision of all partners, payment service
  • Design and implementation of detailed plans close to production
  • Selection of partners in the field of trade fair construction and beyond, tendering of the various trades involved
  • Test set-ups, sampling
  • Coordination of stand design and construction with neighbouring stands
  • Planning and project management for trade fair construction and all other trades, as well as on-site supervision
  • Technical direction at the fair
  • Series of trade fair appearances in Germany or internationally
  • Hotel planning
Our conceptual agency services in the area of trade fairs
  • Concept development of strategic-creative guiding ideas
  • Draft of the trade fair design in the form of architecture, spatial concept, materials and furnishings from the brand’s identity and corporate design
  • Design of online events
  • Use of recyclable materials and high proportion of reusable elements
  • Optimisation of the exhibition stand in terms of its impact from a distance, from the middle range and from close up
  • Staging of the products and design of the exhibit presentations
  • Dramaturgy of the visitor guidance system and the overall brand experience
  • Design of memorable imagery and experiences
  • Definition of the quality of stay in the different areas of the trade fair presentation
  • Exhibition graphics
  • Design of interactive media and exhibition stations
  • Concept development and realisation of films and animations
  • Lighting design
  • Sound and media technology
  • Explainers and hostesses (m/f/d)
  • Catering concepts
  • Design of giveaways
  • Events at the exhibition stand, speakers, performers and show features
  • Evening events and visitor programs
  • Corporate fashion for the trade fair
  • Training of the trade fair team
  • Systems for digital visitor registration
Our services for supporting marketing activities
  • Communication design of trade fair invitations in print and digital formats, possibly in several stages
  • Web design of trade-fair-specific landing pages
  • Media planning in the specialist media and all relevant digital channels, if necessary, media at the trade fair or in the direct vicinity
  • Accompanying press work
  • Coordination and implementation of press conferences
  • Organisation of press conferences at the exhibition stand or on the exhibition grounds
  • Still photography and reportage photography
  • Development of statement films

Exhibition works

All disciplines
trade fair design / Live
The trade fair design of the Bosch company.

Siemens Hot Water Technology

The fascinating world of water! At its trade fair stand at the ISH, Siemens positioned itself as a cutting-edge, forward-looking brand in the field of hot water technology, with its state-of-the-art technology – delivering significant customer benefits such as energy savings and enhanced reliability.

trade fair design / Live
A graphic from the Geiger trade fair stand on the subject of exhibition design.

Geiger Exhibition design

The trade fair concept in the new corporate design with sunny and optimistic tones underlines the positioning as a "partner of the sun". The brand relaunch was carried out in a joint three-stage process.

Exhibition design agency

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Steffen Ruess

Steffen Ruess

Managing Partner
Ruess Group

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