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Antalis Verpackungen is expanding its sustainable business strategy: Effective immediately, Antalis Verpackungen (AVP) will be working together with the Ruess Group management consultancy and communications agency on the far-reaching advancement of its sustainability strategy. The specialist in packaging solutions is thereby sending a clear signal in favour of a green packaging future within the B2B industrial market. The company is now supported by one of the leading agencies specialised in integrated, international marketing with an expert focus on the area of sustainability.

Antalis Verpackungen has confidence in its collaboration with the Ruess Group for sustainable corporate development

Antalis Verpackungen GmbH, headquartered in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, and the Ruess Group, with locations in Stuttgart, Munich and Hamburg, are well acquainted with each other. We have been supporting the company with classic PR work for several years now. Following the takeover of Antalis by the Japanese Kokusai Pulp and Paper Group, the packaging company is now beginning its collaboration with Ruess with a whole new intensity. A clear focus is on the integrated strategic development of communication and measures that will accompany the global player’s team into the packaging future. Antalis Verpackungen GmbH is sending a clear signal in favour of a green future for the packaging industry – not only in Germany, but also in Austria.

There is no lack of expertise for this comprehensive corporate support on strategic and communicative levels: The Ruess Group is one of Germany’s leading agencies specialised in holistic, international marketing. We support German companies in integrated communication, business and digital strategies. One of the key areas of expertise is the topic of sustainability in the B2B sector via credible sustainability communication that encompasses all relevant channels and platforms.

Markus Rahner, Managing Partner of the Ruess Group, highlights the importance of the collaboration with Antalis: “Sustainability is fundamentally a strategic and therefore a management issue. We are pleased that Antalis shares this view and has and has embarked on this journey with us – as experts in sustainability – from preliminary analyses to strategy, all the way through to implementation. This long-term process requires in-depth consultation and close coordination, and it challenges our team in a wide range of disciplines. Following many internal course-setting measures, Antalis is well on the way towards climate neutrality and will be informing key target groups about developments over the coming months with state-of-the-art communication tools. We are also supporting them with our strong network.”

Achieving the best possible packaging solution with process analysis

For Antalis, the reorientation encompasses even more comprehensive customer consulting and support in combination with new, forward-looking packaging solutions – sometimes tailored to specific customer requirements, sometimes for large volumes.

“When it comes to sustainability, we always keep an eye on the supply chain and, thanks to process analysis and optimisation, we develop sustainable packaging solutions with climate-friendly products and services,” explains Managing Director Andreas Hauf. "It is important for us that we not only work on a sustainable marketing strategy together with the Ruess Group, but also on a holistic, sustainable corporate development. After all, our own carbon footprint is important to us as well. We aspire to achieving climate neutrality for Antalis as soon as possible.”

Another objective is to ideally support customers and partners on their journey towards more sustainability. "This is why we have been examining the EU supply chain law for some time now, which is due to come into force in three years’ time. In this regard we are considerably further ahead than others in the market.” A team led by new Marketing Director Hubert Haarmann, who has been responsible for the brand as well as for internal and external communication since April 2021, is responsible for the implementation and a consistent communication strategy.

With Haarmann as its new Marketing Director, Antalis has brought on board a visionary and experienced player with an eye to the future. He can draw on international expertise in the areas of corporate development, implementation of new business models, innovation, communication and, of course, marketing. Like Andreas Hauf, he is very much looking forward to working with the Ruess Group: “I am confident that you will be reading a lot about our company in the trade media and on the web. And if you keep your eyes open, you might even see us when travelling on the streets of Germany. It’s very exciting."

Markus Rahner, Rafael Rahn, Hubert Haarmann und Elisabeth Tafelmeyer

The Ruess Group Antalis Team: Markus Rahner, Rafael Rahn, Hubert haarmann und Elisabeth Tafelmeyer


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