Smart AI translations in international content marketing

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If content is to be relevant to global audiences, it needs to be professionally translated. Especially the translation of technical and industry-specific texts involves more than just converting a text into another language. For this reason, when the Ruess Group entered the Chinese market as a marketing agency for its client Schubert some two years ago, it relied on an innovative tool for the translation of all communication content and information using AI (artificial intelligence).

AI translation for more international scope at the Ruess Group

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It was an investment that paid off quickly: Across a wide range of industries, for almost all clients and target groups, the Stuttgart-based communication experts now offer a unique level of consistency in translation quality, and therefore cost- and time-efficient client service from a single source.

Whenever content needs to be developed and distributed quickly, in multiple languages and tailored to specific countries for clients of the agency group, the significant added value of using customised translations with AI becomes apparent.

It all comes down to the right tone

The key lies in the combination of computer-assisted translation with the qualitative fine-tuning of a professional translator or, even better, a native speaker. Compared to AI, so far only humans can integrate the many variations of linguistic styles, emotions or specific creative demands into a text. Native speakers therefore contribute essential linguistic, cultural and technical knowledge to the content communication, so that the corresponding texts are not only easy to read, but are also perceived by the reader as authentic and typical of the country.

The so-called translational memories also ensure consistent language quality, since technical terms are always translated in the same way and in a company-specific manner according to a predefined profile. This in turn makes the AI translator ideal for internal communication purposes, for example, when several international company locations need to be informed simultaneously about current developments. The fact that the texts can also be imported directly from many different formats represents a further added value and time-saving advantage.

207,234 characters speak for themselves

SDL’s AI-based translation software has been in use at the Ruess Group for two years and has already achieved impressive results.

Close to 215 projects from a wide range of industries have been translated into five languages. An average of 1,108 words per text were translated into English, Italian, French, Spanish or Chinese. In other words, a total of 207,234 characters. This includes texts as diverse as case studies and technically-oriented articles, press releases, social media content or website texts.

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International technical communication at its best

The Ruess Group has already extensively tested and successfully established all variants of AI translation for the international content marketing activities of Crailsheim-based packaging machine manufacturer Schubert: Beginning with all content of the company’s modularly programmed website, through all international social media activities, to the annual Sequence customer magazine, published in both German and English. There was even a Chinese sub-issue in 2019.

In this context, clients very quickly learn to appreciate the added value of AI-based translations, including the individualised service from a single source, as Steffen Rueß reports: “Especially for our clients in Baden-Württemberg, with their large share of global market leaders with cutting-edge expertise, it is becoming increasingly important to be at home in several languages at the same time and to act quickly in international communication. We can accompany them along this journey with country-specific content marketing, while supporting a new market introduction or further expansion on site in a timely and cost-effective manner.”

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The Chinese website of the Schubert company, which was created by a content marketing agency, is shown.


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