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To date 7, beginning in 2022

Since January 2022, we have been producing the new "imPULS Forum Antalis Verpackungen" series for Antalis Verpackungen. A video format with experts – presented in infotainment style – examining current topics in the packaging and logistics industry from different perspectives. So far, we have produced seven episodes. Among others, on the topics of material procurement, sustainability and constructive packaging solutions. Further episodes are currently in production.

Antalis Impulse Forum Film Shooting with Film Flap

The client

Antalis Verpackungen GmbH is a leading specialist when it comes to packaging concepts that help optimise packaging processes while saving costs. The company, headquartered in Leinfelden-Echterdingen/Musberg, has nine locations in Germany and three in-house packaging development centres. We have been supporting the company with classic PR work for several years.

After the takeover of Antalis by the Japanese Kokusai Pulp and Paper group, the packaging company reloaded its collaboration with us in 2021 with an all-new degree of intensity. The clear focus is on the holistic strategic development of communication and measures that will accompany the global player’s sales into the future of packaging. Antalis is not only working with us on a sustainable marketing strategy, but also on holistic, sustainable corporate development. Together we are setting a clear signal for a green future for the packaging industry. And we do this in all possible B2B communication formats with PR, (digital) media, website and landing pages, social media and online film formats.

The assignment

Our client Antalis Verpackungen GmbH understands the challenges of the logistics industry and is launching its new video format, the "imPULS Forum Antalis Verpackungen" expert panel. Compelling statements from the worlds of science and business provide solutions to current hot topics. Entertaining, informative and with its finger on the pulse of the times, explained in half an hour.


  • Development of a new moving image format together with and for Antalis Verpackungen Deutschland
  • Concept and realisation of 7 streams to date
  • Specifically: content line-up, the right high-calibre cast for the panel discussion, planning and control of filming right through to post-production
  • Speaker research and handling
  • Moderation mostly by Markus Rahner, our Managing Director
  • Cross-channel communication for the respective live run of the latest episode

Concept & strategy

In the "imPuls Forum" talk format by Antalis Verpackungen, characters from a wide variety of social, economic, cultural, sporting, political fields are invited to take a seat in front of the camera. They don’t necessarily have to be industry experts. The aim is to have a multifaceted variety of personalities who reflect on the selected topic from the most diverse perspectives and discuss different opinions and approaches to solutions – at times controversial, at times complementing each other.

Against this background, existing and potential target customers experience the "imPuls Forum" expert panel as transfer of knowledge, exchange of experience and inspiration. By opening the video stream also on its own YouTube channel, the forum also serves to raise awareness and brand image. The 45-minute discussion is recorded and edited by a professional production team using the latest film technology. The stream is accompanied by PR and campaigns on social media (LinkedIn).

Possible speakers:

  • A journalist from SWR, daily newspaper or trade magazine
  • An artist from the (regional) cultural scene (musicians/actors who publicly address the issue of climate and sustainability)
  • A representative of an NGO or activist
  • A (regional) politician
  • An expert from the sector

Through a diverse selection of speakers, different opinions can be presented. There is a possibility that audience members may have or follow the same opinion. This makes the audience more likely to feel represented in the discussion.

The entertainment value determines the click rate. The format moves away from a rigid interview format to an interesting roundtable discussion. A more explosive format has the potential to reach a wider audience. This gives Antalis Verpackungen an even higher profile and positioning of its packaging expertise – and therefore the opportunity to achieve even more conversions.

imPuls Forum talk format Antalis Verpackungen

Episode 1: A tense situation in the procurement markets

The first episode is all about the tense situation in the procurement markets. The situation in the commodity markets is currently strained and confusing. Delivery times have sometimes doubled. The ongoing shortage of materials is affecting industrial production. How can companies face the current challenges and where is the journey heading?

The guests will discuss these key issues: Thilo König (Managing Director Antalis Verpackungen GmbH), Professor Dr. Klaus Thaler (Stuttgart Media University), Professor Dr. Michael Schröder (DHBW Mannheim), Jochen Brandstetter (Board of KBW Technologie AG, Esslingen).

Moderator: Markus Rahner, Managing Director RUESS International GmbH, Stuttgart

The making of

After the successful launch of the new "imPULS Forum" video format from Antalis Verpackungen, this time it’s all about: "GOOD packaging, EVIL packaging".

Is paper really the better packaging material compared to plastic? What are the factors that influence the choice of material? The panel of experts discusses these questions in the video stream produced in the warehouses of Antalis Verpackungen in 2022.

The Ruess Group developed the new video format together with AVP. Once again, our editorial team was called upon for the planning and realisation: Content, the right high-calibre cast for the panel discussion, planning and controlling the filming right through to post-production. The moderation was once again taken over by our Managing Director Markus Rahner.

Professional TV production in an authentic setting

Professional TV production in an authentic setting

Successful talk format – casting, script and moderation by the Ruess Group

Successful talk format – casting, script and moderation by the Ruess Group

Ein Bericht auf der Website von Antalis Verpackungen zum ImPuls Forum

Accompanied by digital media with native and billboard ads

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