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Time for an update? The Geiger Antriebe (Drives) brand’s visual language was given a completely new look and feel – based on an updated brand identity.

Moodboard with warm images and graphical patterns
Design manual
office equipment
Design brochure
Responsive website GEIGER
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Corporate Design / classic
Corporate design for packaging machine manufacturer Schubert

Corporate design example: Design manual für Schubert

A brand is constantly evolving, so their look and feel also need to be continuously updated. Clear guidelines for the visual design ensure consistent communication, strengthen brand presence and increase recognition, which leads to more effective brand communication and a positive brand experience. We as an agency developed the corporate design for the Schubert company.

Corporate Design / digital
digital UX design guide

UX Design Guide für Schubert

For packaging machine manufacturer Schubert, we developed a digital UX design guide to standardise all digital interfaces: Be it a website, a service portal or a machine user interface.