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Corporate design example: Design manual für Schubert

Corporate design for packaging machine manufacturer Schubert


Gerhard Schubert GmbH


Machines and systems engineering


Since 1973

A brand is constantly evolving, so their look and feel also need to be continuously updated. Clear guidelines for the visual design ensure consistent communication, strengthen brand presence and increase recognition, which leads to more effective brand communication and a positive brand experience. We as an agency developed the corporate design for the Schubert company.

The client

As an innovation driver and technology leader, packaging machine manufacturer Schubert has been shaping the international packaging industry for more than half a century. With customised robot-assisted lines for FMCG manufacturers, the Schubert Group sets standards in terms of efficiency and flexibility. Thanks to consistent modularity and the extensive use of robotics, Schubert systems can be used to package a tremendous portfolio of very different products.

The assignment

The assignment for corporate design and marketing as a whole is to translate this brand identity into design and content, i.e. to unify the brand’s appearance. The more clearly the brand becomes recognisable, the easier it is to find by potential customers, the higher the recognition value, the better it differentiates itself from the competition in international markets and the more successfully brand value develops – and all this is reflected in measurable buyer preference.


  • Development, definition and maintenance of corporate design – including corporate colours
  • Translation of the corporate design specifications into modules for clear and quick usability
  • Application of the corporate design to numerous measures, both in print and digital – such as social media – all the way through to trade fairs

Corporate Design Manual

Digital corporate design system

Digital corporate design system

Business stationery

Business stationery

Brochures and customer magazine

Campaigns and advertisements

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