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System Architecture

The architecture of a system lays the groundwork for successful technical implementation. Our Solutions Architecture supports you in creating a future-proof, scalable and efficient architecture. By analysing the current tech environment, we identify weaknesses and develop solutions to ensure the best possible performance. We use state-of-the-art technologies and best practices to ensure an outstanding user experience and high system availability.

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Our expertise in System Architecture

A solid architecture lays the foundation for the development of products that are always technologically up-to-date, and that function efficiently and reliably.

Solutions Architecture

Solutions Architecture refers to the process of developing and defining an architecture for a specific digital solution or system. It involves analysing business requirements, selecting suitable technologies and defining the technical infrastructure to deliver an integrated solution that meets all requirements.

A good solutions architecture is important to ensure that the final product works effectively and efficiently. It ensures that the solution is scalable as requirements change and can be extended to include any appropriate customisations. However, solutions architecture also involves monitoring and reviewing the solution over time to ensure that it continues to meet requirements and that – if necessary – changes and improvements can be implemented at any time.

Tech Environment Analysis

Tech Environment Analysis is a process that examines the current technological landscape of a company or industry. The analysis is used to map and assess the existing technological resources, systems and processes (including a review of the existing technological infrastructure and systems) to gain a better understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis). The goal of a tech environment analysis is to gain a better understanding of the technology landscape and use this information to make better business decisions, improve processes and increase competitiveness. It can also help identify and minimise risks, while facilitating the transition to new technologies and solutions.

Software Architecture

Software Architecture describes the fundamental structures, processes and decisions that determine the design of a software. It includes the selection of technologies, tools and platforms, as well as the definition of interfaces, data structures and algorithms. A good software architecture should be robust, scalable, easy to maintain and secure. It should also take into account business requirements and goals, as well as allow for a clear separation of responsibility and functionality. Effective software architecture speeds up the development process, and help avoid technical debt and costly rework.

Operational Architecture

Operational Architecture encompasses the set of processes, systems, technologies and organisations required for the day-to-day operation of a business or organisation. This includes planning, monitoring and optimising business processes, IT systems and infrastructures, as well as supporting operational activities. Operational architecture should support business success by enabling efficient and effective execution of business processes and IT systems. Availability, security, compliance and scalability requirements are also factored in. Good operational architecture can help minimise operational risks, simplify operations and reduce costs.


Digital projects

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website / digital
Flip app website development

Flip app website development

UX design, UI design and back-end development for a headless CMS website. The latest design language linked with current web technology. The new website for the Stuttgart-based Flip start-up offers users an exciting user experience and preliminary information about Flip’s employee app.

website / digital
Captron Solutions headless website

Captron Solutions headless website

With CAPTRON Solutions, CAPTRON has founded a consulting subsidiary. We defined the new brand architecture and identity with the client, and implemented the new online presence based on a headless CMS.

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More Engineering & Tech Services

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Discovery, Definition & Conception

When developing digital products, it is essential to have a clear idea of the project’s requirements and goals. Within the framework of discovery, definition & concept, we support our clients in drawing up detailed specifications and concepts for their products. In doing so, we pay particular attention to technical feasibility and take into account both the needs of the users and the business objectives of the client..

Technical Development, Maintenance & Rollout

We support companies in the development and implementation of their digital projects, from planning to technical implementation and go-live to maintenance and ongoing development.

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Operation & Optimisation

Digital products can be taken to a new level through ongoing monitoring and optimisation. We offer comprehensive services in the areas of operation, maintenance and improvement of digital products.