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Digital products can be taken to a new level through ongoing monitoring and optimisation. We offer comprehensive services in the areas of operation, maintenance and improvement of digital products. Our goal is to improve performance, optimise the user experience and achieve your business goals. We use agile methods and cutting-edge technologies to ensure effective, efficient collaboration. With our expertise in operations and optimisation, we can ensure that digital products are always up to date and meet the demands of the market.

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Operation & Optimisation guarantee the long-term success of digital products. By continuously monitoring and analysing operations, we can identify and eliminate weaknesses quickly and efficiently, so that overall performance and the user experience are constantly improved. In addition to technical aspects, data-driven decisions also play an important role. A solid technological infrastructure and an experienced operations team are essential to the long-term successful operation of your digital presence..


The Operation service includes all services provided after the deployment of a new digital solution or technology to ensure that the solution works properly and meets business expectations.

It usually includes monitoring and maintenance of the systems and applications to ensure that they are available and reliable at all times.


Monitoring refers to the supervision of specific performance indicators. With the help of defined alarms and protocols, we can draw attention to problems and malfunctions in a timely manner so that we can respond immediately.

Continuous Improvement

Through the process of Continuous Improvement, business processes, products and services are constantly reviewed, analysed and optimised to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. It involves the application of various tools and techniques that identify deficiencies, correct errors and improve performance.


Without changing functionality, Refactoring involves revising existing software systems to improve their quality and maintenance characteristics. It involves performing code clean-ups, improving the architecture and simplifying the design. When implemented effectively, refactoring services can significantly reduce our clients’ maintenance costs.


A Review service refers to the systematic review and evaluation of a product, service or process to identify strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations for improvement. This improves efficiency, quality and usability while contributing to improved future decision-making.


An Audit is a systematic review and examination of an organisation, process or product to assess compliance with specific rules, standards or requirements. It is used to identify and assess risks, uncover weaknesses and make recommendations for improvements that will enhance performance and efficiency.

Infrastructure Management Support Service

Infrastructure Management Support Service is a service that deals with the monitoring, maintenance and optimisation of an organisation’s technical infrastructure. It includes tasks such as monitoring system performance, security and availability, or checking capacity management to ensure that the infrastructure is always up to date and ensures a smooth operating environment.

Managed Operations

When using the Managed Operations service, an external organisation takes responsibility for the operation and monitoring of a technical system or business application. Again, monitoring and maintenance, problem resolution, capacity management and security audits are part of the tasks for the reliable functionality of the system. Managed operations allow an organisation to increase its internal IT capacity while minimising costs and risks.

Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management (BCM) describes a process that enables companies to maintain their business operations in the event of unexpected disruptions or disasters. It includes prevention, preparation, response and recovery measures to minimise the impact of disruptions on business operations. The objectives of BCM are to maintain business-critical processes, mitigate business losses and restore business operations within an acceptable timeframe.

Application Management

Application Management is the operation and maintenance of applications to sustain and improve their functionality and performance. The goal of application management is to ensure an optimal user experience and satisfaction – while keeping costs and risks low.

Application Maintenance

Application Maintenance primarily describes the process of monitoring, maintaining and troubleshooting software applications to ensure full functionality of the digital product. In this process, all security concerns are also closely addressed and integrated into the application monitoring process.


Maintenance is the process of servicing and repairing technical systems to ensure that they are error-free and stable. The aim is to minimise downtime and improve the life and efficiency of systems through monitoring, troubleshooting and regular maintenance and updating to ensure business continuity.


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Flip app website development

Flip app website development

UX design, UI design and back-end development for a headless CMS website. The latest design language linked with current web technology. The new website for the Stuttgart-based Flip start-up offers users an exciting user experience and preliminary information about Flip’s employee app.

website / digital
Schubert Group Homepage in Macbook

Schubert international corporate website

Schubert’s new corporate website is the communication hub for all external and internal channels – state-of-the-art in terms of technology, content strategy and analytics. Available in several languages and encompassing roughly 650 individual pages per language. In spite of its overwhelming size, it is extremely intuitive to use: Specific content can be found quickly thanks to AI-based search options. Concept, design, technology and editorial work are all from a single source – “made by the Ruess Group”.

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Abstract art of a cube, a pyramid and two triangles to form software system architecture with light refractions and reflections on the surface.

System Architecture

The architecture of a system lays the groundwork for successful technical implementation. Our Solutions Architecture supports you in creating a future-proof, scalable and efficient architecture.

Abstract, curved graphic on the subject of agency digital marketing with brightness gradient and the feel of crumpled paper

Discovery, Definition & Conception

When developing digital products, it is essential to have a clear idea of the project’s requirements and goals. Within the framework of discovery, definition & concept, we support our clients in drawing up detailed specifications and concepts for their products. In doing so, we pay particular attention to technical feasibility and take into account both the needs of the users and the business objectives of the client..

Technical Development, Maintenance & Rollout

We support companies in the development and implementation of their digital projects, from planning to technical implementation and go-live to maintenance and ongoing development.