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The “location, location, location” mantra of online marketing is “data, data, data”. Because the impact of online marketing activities can be measured very precisely. And this is why digital is ideal for performance marketing.

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Our approach to Online Marketing

Our approach is basically very simple. You define goals, such as maximising the number of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL). Then, based on experience with similar projects, hypotheses can be formulated as to which activities or measures are best suited to achieve the specific goal. The success of the measures is then analysed – and indications are given as to how they can be optimised. As soon as the optimisations have been implemented, they are measured once again. This provides pointers for further improvements. And so on.

It quickly becomes very clear what skills are important in performance marketing:

1. Defining goals

The more experience and success you have gained with comparable projects, the more realistically you can estimate how much time and budget are required to achieve specific marketing goals – or, conversely, how much can be achieved with a certain budget. Our online marketing managers have 15 years of professional experience on average.

2. Selecting measures

Along with experience, an innovative spirit also plays a major role here. Quite simply because in online marketing, new channels, new algorithms, new tools and possibilities are always being added to the landscape. And some of these can quickly deliver even better results. Anyone who isn’t prepared to continuously try out something new isn’t ideally suited for these tasks. Which is why our employees regularly attend external training courses. Internally, we even train each other on a weekly basis.

But ‘official’ measures aren’t quite enough. We understand the value that ongoing discussion and interaction between our experts have on our work. For instance, by the time the first provider has set up a training program on a new topic, most of the topics there have already been analysed and assessed. Time is of the essence!

3. Analysis

Data analysis is the linchpin of online marketing: This is where decisions are made on how to proceed. It may also be the most complex field. Commonly used analysis tools, such as Google Analytics, can easily open the door to misinterpretation.

This begins with the fact that click-through rates and conversion rates should never be confused. And it extends to the differences between session-based and event-based tracking.

Overall, it is key that the analyses are carried out by experts with in-depth understanding of the measurement technology. However, very few marketing departments hire experts in this field, who are dedicated almost exclusively to web analytics. And most online marketing agencies are too small to afford them. With this in mind, it is a huge advantage that we have our own specialists in this decisive field. 

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Our areas of focus in the field of digital marketing

Defining goals, selecting the best measures, then analysing their success and constantly improving them – this approach to performance marketing can be applied to all levels of the overall strategy. Because every single measure can be optimised based on this approach. Therefore, we can base the entire online marketing strategy as well as individual building blocks on this approach.

For a number of our long-standing clients, we have had overall responsibility for all marketing measures for a long time. We are used to seeing individual measures in the context of an overall concept. We are therefore ideally positioned to provide input and feedback beyond our official mandate – which can become important in many other areas.

  • Web Analytics: Analytics hold a key position in (online) marketing. This is why we have created a cluster of experts from the areas of Development, Social & SEA, who primarily handle cross-client web analytics issues.
  • Pull Measures: SEO/SEA
  • Push Measures: Display & Social Media Marketing

Pull Measures: SEO/SEA

Users who are already actively searching for your products and services should of course be picked up here.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is therefore an absolute “must have” in any digital marketing strategy. An exception can be made for innovative start-ups whose offers aren’t yet known or searched for. But even in cases such as these, the question arises as to whether an opportunity to position yourself for the future should be taken advantage of early on.

With all this in mind, as an agency we offer all facets of search engine optimisation, from technical measures to keyword campaigns to content creation. We always consider SEA (Search Engine Advertising) in connection with optimisation. Because the goal of both measures is identical – and is best achieved by coordinating these two methods.

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Push measures: Display & Social Media Marketing

In spite of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube can still be used to generate clicks and leads – and at virtually unbeatable prices. But in return, according to very clear rules and regulations in terms of data protection.

The outstanding success of LinkedIn also makes social marketing important in the B2B environment. Because it enables you to reach potential customers almost as precisely as at a trade fair – and at a fraction of the cost.

Online advertising – via display advertising – has become an extended arm of the social networks, which also run their ads on a myriad of partner sites and apps. Nevertheless, there are still a number of smaller websites and newsletters – especially in B2B – where it is very worthwhile to place an ad. And since we have been offering this service for about 25 years, we are very familiar with the individual platforms in our focus sectors. And we know where it is worthwhile to place ads.

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Further measures in online marketing

Most buzzwords in online marketing can be categorised under the terms mentioned above. Content marketing, for example, is simply one of the most prominent measures of search engine marketing which we, of course, also offer.

We also offer the classical services that don’t fall directly under performance marketing, such as community management on social media or the development of ‘bizzfluencers’.

We always take a holistic approach. In other words, we provide all online marketing measures. And to date, yes, we have always been able to keep this ambitious promise. For many years, we have invested in building up an extensive network of freelancers and partners with whom we work closely together – and whose work we are also responsible for. This includes, for example, Amazon and influencer affiliate marketing. As well as all digital channels, from Etsy to Tiktok. This enables us to even have an extended arm in the “Chinese internet”. We are ideally positioned to provide the entire range of the online marketing mix.


Digital marketing projects

All disciplines
media planning / content marketing

International media planning for Schubert

As experts in international media planning on- and offline, we understand the unique challenge of developing country-specific media strategies for Schubert’s various target markets, B2B or B2C. Consumer behaviour and media use as well have experienced an unparalleled digital push, naturally driven by social distancing and as a result of trade fairs and other live events not taking place. Because we provide our clients with interdisciplinary and comprehensive support, we offer fully integrated communication solutions in campaign management, focused on customers and costs.

website / digital

Career microsite for Schubert System Elektronik

When competing for experienced and future skilled workers, companies today have to present themselves in a way that suits the times. We developed an exciting user experience for Schubert System Elektronik GmbH that not only informs, but also inspires potential recruits with the company’s unique advantages.

website / digital

Website development for the Flip App

UX design, UI design and back-end development for a headless CMS website. The latest design language linked with current web technology. The new website for the Stuttgart-based Flip start-up offers users an exciting user experience and preliminary information about Flip’s employee app.

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