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The dig­i­tal agency to help you reach your am­bi­tious goals

The boundaries between development, product management, sales, marketing and design are dissolving through the internet and digital technology. Many current issues require a shared cross-disciplinary and agile process in which all stakeholders work together as one team. As a strategic digital agency, we support companies and brands in aggressively making use of the opportunities and huge possibilities that digitalisation opens up to achieve their growth and marketing goals.

Efficient and durable

Web tech­nol­o­gy as a suc­cess fac­tor

The importance of corporate and brand websites in B2B and B2C business is growing rapidly. Through search engines such as Google and social media channels, the reach of the digital channels that can be directly influenced by our customers is growing and even surpassing that of the printed trade media – many times over. The technologies are available to precisely and measurably address target groups that are scattered across the globe and located in specific industry segments, and to contact them individually through the media. The distribution costs are relatively low, but the development and maintenance of these marketing systems require a diverse know-how that only expert teams in a comprehensively positioned digital agency can provide.

Be it purely for communicative purposes, for initiating sales or as an e-commerce solution for immediate purchase. We embed websites into a company’s software landscape via interfaces and achieve efficiency gains through automated processes. As an experienced digital agency, we can use web technologies to implement a wide variety of mechanisms and make the most diverse goals attainable for you. 

Our strength: We offer holistic, integrated solutions while lightening your workload

  • Strategic: Our experienced team supports you in aligning your internet projects with your sales, marketing and brand strategies
  • Industry expertise: We have in-depth knowledge of a wide range of industries and can advise you on how best to develop your competitive position
  • Strong UX design expertise and skills: From consulting, research and analysis to information architecture, UI, prototyping, development, testing and evaluation
  • Open to state-of-the-art technologies: We look for the latest and best technical solution for each project
  • Comprehensive range of services: Embedding into more complex software landscapes, SEO, specialised editing, translations, photography, videos, analytics, digital media planning
  • International experience: We carry out digital projects for international use – in Asian markets as well
Comprehensive and experienced

Strate­gic ca­pa­bil­i­ties as a dig­i­tal agency 

Internet technologies are decisive to current and future company success. As a digital agency, we are committed to working with you to identify the new and different services and customer benefits that digitalisation can bring. We support companies in taking on the following challenges: 

Development of new business models and services
Digital transformation of sales and marketing
Digital strategies
Digital brand management
Marketing controlling

Ongoing interdisciplinary analysis of marketing activities enables campaign success to be measured and provides a solid basis for strategic decisions in marketing planning.

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CRM and inbound marketing

A CRM agency solves a wide range of briefs with the goals of maintaining existing customers and acquiring new ones. The work involved is scalable, in close collaboration between marketing and sales.

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Software development
Employer marketing

Our cas­es

In­ter­na­tion­al mar­ket­ing of spe­cial­ty pa­per


We realise international content marketing and innovative digital experiences for the world's leading paper manufacturer and number one in Europe.

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Prod­uct launch of the Vi­v­a­lyt­ic di­ag­nos­tic plat­form


A textbook international product launch: Based on a strong main idea, we developed a wide range of marketing measures for Bosch Healthcare Solutions.

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Technology and content

Op­er­a­tional ex­per­tise and skills as a dig­i­tal agency 

The focus of our team is on internet projects that have special requirements in terms of performance and functionality or that are extremely complex in terms of structure or content. The aim is to provide solutions that can be easily changed and updated with manageable effort.

The service areas of our digital agency in detail:


Our core expertise as a web agency and website agency

Web magazines

A web magazine often replaces printed customer magazines

Intranet presences

As an intranet agency, we take on intranet consulting as well as intranet development

Online employee magazines

We develop technology and content for digital employee magazines and newsletters – all from a single source

App programming

As an experienced app agency, we offer a wide range of services in the field of app development 

Sales apps

Field service apps can be developed on their own or as part of websites


As an e-commerce agency, online shop agency and webshop agency, we offer both simple and complex solutions

Search engine optimisation

As an SEO (search engine optimisation) agency and SEO web agency, we view SEO in all its facets

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UX design

As a UX design agency or design studio, we have wide-ranging expertise in the following areas 

Web analytics

With a broad set of tools, we analyse user behaviour and the target achievement of web solutions

Interactive trade fair modules
Work examples

Dig­i­tal work

All disciplines
website / digital

Innovative tools for optimised security and scalability on the Web

Digital consumer behaviour calls for more application flexibility.

website / digital

H+E Website and SEO

H+E supplemented its portfolio with new technologies and applications in the field of water treatment. The company’s website content was extensively updated and SEO-optimised.

apps / digital

‘Go In’ Configurator for Catering Furnishings

What’s the ideal seating arrangement for my restaurant? With the innovative ‘Position Planner’ web tool, users can lay out their commercial spaces – with different catering furnishings – and try out a variety of layout and seating scenarios.

How we proceed

Grow­ing de­mands on con­cept de­vel­op­ment and net­work­ing

Whereas the realisation of standard functions on a website today and in the future can be mastered with increasing speed, the conceptual processes need more and more attention. How can complex functions and huge amounts of project content be digitally designed in such a way that they can be quickly understood by the various users while being user-friendly? How do users actually perceive the user experience in practice? Which customer journey is typical for the user, for the individual persona? Do the various interfaces the user knows from the company function in accordance with similar criteria? Do these adhere to current and uniform laws in design? It is not uncommon for the conceptual work for the development of the information structure, the user experience, the technical planning and the search engine alignment to take up an important part of the time budget. The simpler and more logical the result should appear to the user, the more time-consuming it is for the project team to develop the concept.

Important perspectives

  • UX/UI design thinking
  • User-centred design
  • Scrum
  • Atomic design/modular design
  • Jam Stack
  • Headless CMS, React CMS
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As a digital agency, we are shaping the future

From web pres­ences to in­ter­ac­tion plat­forms

2020 clearly revealed emerging trends: For economic, ecological and of course health reasons, personal contacts will be reduced in the future. The use of digital meeting and information formats will increase. Web technology will replace live trade fairs as the leading medium in B2B sales. This is shaping the approach of how websites will be developed in the future. Websites are evolving from information platforms to interaction platforms in the context of progressive digitalisation.

Less and less people will have the patience to read longer texts. They will be quicker to make direct contact. In this context, companies with many of their employees working in home offices, along with their internationally distributed development and sales and service teams, will be far less of a central ‘real’ place in the future, as we still think of it today. Rather, we will view it as an expertise and performance network. The website represents this network and gives customers and interested parties direct and immediate personal access.

Digital & adjacent

Vir­tu­al­i­sa­tion as a new cos­mos

Of growing importance for the digital customer experience is the virtualisation of complex content by means of virtual reality and augmented reality. Under the term metaverse, these digital possibilities will merge even more strongly in the future.

Our team’s further digital capabilities:

  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Online events: Virtual events and virtual trade fairs, virtual showrooms, hybrid trade fairs, hybrid events