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Storytelling for the construction industry

Photo of the architecturally unusual cultural centre Heydər Əliyev Merkezi in Azerbaijan

There are so many stories in the widely diversified construction sector that are still untold. Products and services from the fields of building, living, architecture and design are virtually destined for good storytelling.

The many trades involved in construction, the manufacturers of high-quality building materials and developers of smart-home solutions alone show how great the potential is for public relations in the construction sector. New trend topics such as sustainability and digitalisation further enrich the pool of stories – ranging from planning with BIM, lighting design, to smart-home and building projects in terms of mobility and new working concepts.

Collage of four individual images showing various activities and insights relating to the topic of construction

Communications agency for the entire construction and building sector

The Ruess Group content team, with its experts sourced directly from the sector, develops formats such as reports, case studies or interviews and actively puts new topics on the agenda that are driving the industry – whether in the trade media, in the company’s own corporate media and platforms, or in social media.

As a PR agency for the construction industry, we are familiar with and understand the specific characteristics of the sector, and we align communication with the often multi-level paths of sales and marketing. As a press agency, we have been in close contact with journalists working in the leading construction media for decades. These valuable contacts and multipliers help to provide continuously updated industry insight. This is how we became PR specialists for the construction sector, for building materials and high-quality interiors, for the lighting sector as well as for all things to do with façades and roofs, for the HVAC and sanitation sectors, interior design, digitalisation, home and building technology. We are also very familiar with timber and modular construction thanks to our long-standing PR and marketing clients in these areas.

Our clients’ target groups are not only architects and planners, but also property developers, builders and users of real estate. That is why our wide-ranging construction and building PR encompasses both B2B and B2C communication. The basis for successful storytelling about construction is industry knowledge, a deep understanding of building materials and products in need of explanation, as well as architecture and design projects. As a construction PR agency, we know how to communicate these in a way that is right for the target group. Because that’s what it’s all about, no matter the channel or format. The fact that both – channels and formats – have become more numerous and diverse in recent years doesn’t make it any easier for companies to penetrate with their messages about products, services and the company itself. But this is at the heart of successful public relations and therefore our challenge as a content agency – nationally and internationally.

The photo shows a futuristic kitchen in a showroom, with descriptions on the wall and a ceiling made of LED panels

Creation, design and construction of trade fair stands for Siemens and Geiger

Modern computer-animated graphic of a Geiger trade fair stand

Construction and building PR on all channels, in new formats

It has long ceased to be enough to place construction PR in the usual building trade press – whether in magazines or on relevant publishing house platforms. SEO-optimised posts in business channels and social media posts are needed, as well as editorial content for new digital formats: Our agency is achieving this today with online press conferences, moderated infotainment talk shows, web magazines for both broad and narrow target groups. Especially formats such as virtual trade fairs or hybrid trade fairs, which are currently in great demand due to the discontinuation of established trade fairs, need supporting PR and media to achieve attention and reach. To successfully penetrate the market with construction PR against a highly diverse backdrop, we design complex PR and communications plans through to concrete content and media annual plans across all channels. Quite simply because, with the current diversity out there, it’s going to be difficult to effectively engage in construction PR without a plan. And, after all, there are so many untold stories we still want to tell...

Construction influencers on board

By the way, in addition to specialist editors experienced in construction topics, we also – when it makes sense – rely on the expertise and media clout of construction influencers.

Influencers have positioned themselves in the construction sector in recent years as a good addition for communicating to architects, specialist planners or tradesmen. They compete with traditional trade magazines and established online platforms. Credible and authentic influencers can reach niche audiences that are otherwise difficult to target. The opportunities for construction and building influencers in the B2B sector are manifold: From a one-time sponsorship of a post to a regular blog series, many things are possible.

The photo shows the Thyssenkrupp lift test tower in Rottweil with a view of the surrounding landscape

Creation and staging of the Elco "Tech-Day" for the heating industry, with product presentations and expert lectures on Germany's highest viewing platform in Rottweil.

The photo shows tickets for the ELCO Tech Days on 4 September 2018 on the topic of Future Energy Building Trends and Construction PR
Insight into a speaker's presentation in front of a medium-sized crowd at the Thyssenkrupp Test Tower in Rottweil
A grey-haired man dressed in a shirt looking at the landscape from the 232-metre-high window of the Thyssenkrupp Test Tower in Rottweil

International PR agency for the construction industry

As an international PR agency in Stuttgart, we have been successfully using AI-based translation for public relations in foreign markets for some time now. It ensures a unique consistency in translation quality and is both cost- and time-efficient. Whenever content needs to be developed and distributed quickly, in multiple languages and tailored to specific countries for clients of the agency group, the significant added value of using customised translations with AI becomes apparent. With the help of country-specific media distributors, we regularly speak to our contacts in the international trade press, and successfully place extensive references and trend reports in addition to the usual news and reports.

Our PR services for the construction sector:

  • Communication for architects and planners
  • Public relations
  • Thematic campaigns
  • Online press conferences
  • Virtual trade fair and hybrid trade fair
  • Web content
  • SEO-optimised texts
  • Social media posts (LinkedIn, facebook, twitter, Xing)
  • Case studies/References
  • Trade fair communications
  • Film formats such as explanatory films, features, documentaries and interviews
  • Content for corporate publishing (for example customer magazines)
  • Influencer marketing
  • AI-based translation
  • PR events
  • Moderation/Facilitation
  • Communications controlling

Selected references

Logo of the company elco heating solutions with headquarters in Hechingen
Logo of the companies H.B.Fuller with headquarters in Saint Paul and Kömmerling with headquarters in Pirmasens
The logo of HI-MACS Natural Acrylic Stone, headquartered in Glasgow
The logo of the company Leonhard Weiss Bauunternehmung based in Crailsheim
The logo of the Prolicht company based in Götzens
The logo of the Rehau company based in Muri near Bern
The logo of the Luxwerk company based in Malterdingen
The logo of the Interstuhl company based in Meßstetten-Tieringen

PR-Agency for construction industries

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