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For 20 years, the Ruess Group has stood for consistent communication across all communication channels worldwide – under the label of integrated marketing communication. Our teams of experts from various disciplines and sectors work together to solve your challenges while creating a successful and compelling customer journey for your customers.

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Steffen Ruess

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A full-service agency makes communication more efficient

The more cost-conscious a company is, the sooner it will ask itself whether it is fully exploiting its marketing potential. This isn’t always easy, because as a rule it is highly fragmented: in media, online and offline, in content marketing and PR or on its own website, search engine optimisation, e-commerce or CRM.

This is exactly why many successful companies rely on a full-service agency. Because it handles all areas of marketing and ensures that the brand strategy is stringently implemented in all areas of communication. Last but certainly not least, it makes sure that the company can sit back and relax.

A full-service agency is like an outsourced marketing department that holds the reins for all marketing activities. This has several advantages for clients: First and foremost, communication with different service providers is no longer necessary.

With a full-service agency, there is usually one contact person who manages the project and then communicates internally with the team and its specialists in the various areas. It is this one-stop-shop concept that also ensures uniform company communications.

Communication becomes stringent and synergies between the individual disciplines ensure exceptional efficiency. Experience shows that a full-service agency can use the communications budget up to 25 per cent more effectively and in a more targeted manner. We at the Ruess Group have been doing this for over 15 years.

The range of services: all facets of marketing

The range of services: all facets of marketing

As a rule, full service really means full service. With a full-service agency that covers the entire spectrum of communication services and provides its clients with long-term support. With consulting, design, planning and implementation services. Online and offline, analogue and digital.

In addition to classical image or product advertising in newspapers, on posters or on television, a full-service agency also handles online marketing, search engine optimisation, social media, e-mail marketing, the web shop, corporate identity, corporate design, public relations and direct advertising.

In short, the range of services is very broad. Experts from all fields work on the same project, such as consultants, copywriters, graphic designers, editors, PR specialists, photographers, web developers, search engine optimisers and social media specialists. The clear advantage: short distances and efficient communication that save time and fees.

Creativity wanted: Brand building across a multitude of channels

The creative department of a full-service agency offers a wide range of services that are needed for brand building. In other words, it’s all about marketing. It takes advantage of all available methods and channels to make a brand, a product or a company bigger, brighter, more well-known and more successful.

If a company wants to be present on the market today, it has to take on far more tasks than in the past. The possibilities and channels for brand building have grown exponentially and are posing ever new challenges.

In addition to TV campaigns, advertisements, posters and websites, content marketing, social media marketing, native advertising, viral marketing or influencer marketing are on the agenda. Only those who keep up with the times have a chance to survive and thrive in today’s market.

But despite the increased complexity in addressing target groups, one thing has remained the same: Only when consumers trust will they buy. This trust has to be created through consistent brand building. A good agency understands what the client and their target groups want.

Being creative takes time. Being creative needs experience. Being creative needs inspiration. It can take several days or weeks to develop the right advertising slogan. In this respect, a creative agency lightens its client’s load immensely, because during this time he or she can then concentrate fully on their tasks.

This is why companies are increasingly making use of the services of a full-service agency. Another is that the demands of the various marketing methods, channels and technologies require in-depth expertise that is most often not available in companies.

Advertising Agency
A creative, industry-specific campaign for packaging machine manufacturer Schubert

A creative, industry-specific campaign for packaging machine manufacturer Schubert

Placing communication effectively in the media

First and foremost, the media department helps with the placement of communication. While the creative department designs commercials, banners, advertisements and posters, the media department is responsible for the placement in TV advertising blocks, magazines, on the radio, on websites, in social media, posters or smartphones.

The responsibilities of a full-service agency’s media department include researching target groups and analysing their media use. It also advises on the selection of suitable media, negotiates prices and finally places the advertising in the selected channels.

Digitalisation and the new ways of using the media have made these tasks much more complex. In addition to the classical media such as TV, radio, posters and magazines, data, banner advertising, search engine advertising, apps, mobile etc. are becoming increasingly important.

Social media has become a decisive and very pivotal component of communications in recent years. Today, almost every company, product or service can be specifically advertised on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, as well as on other lesser-known platforms.

The term “media” stands for the publication media on which the advertising ultimately appears. An important factor here is the planning of cross-media. This means campaigns that not only appear on one platform such as print, but also in other contexts such as social media.

It is important to carry out a detailed target group analysis beforehand. Every company has different target groups and a media agency should take these into account when planning advertising campaigns. For example, if we’re talking about older users, advertising in social media may be of secondary importance.

Although the largest possible reach is important to ensure recognition value and open up new target groups, the available advertising budget should not be exceeded.

Media Agency
Placement of a motif from the Schubert campaign, e.g. on trade portals or in newsletters.

Placement of a motif from the Schubert campaign, e.g. on trade portals or in newsletters.

Expert content is King

A successful presence in digital media calls for the right content marketing. Only if the content reaches the user and, above all, satisfies him or her, will the measures be successful. An agency with a lot of content know-how is worth its weight in gold.

Specially defined teams at the highest B2B level, i.e. proven experts in their field, produce high-quality content for websites, blogs and social media. On platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or with an extremely strong B2B business connection: LinkedIn.

These can include, for example, articles that encourage further reading and ultimately lead to the advertised company via links. This way, sustainable content creation that satisfies all user needs can build a long-term reputation and bond.

At the same time, content needs to respond to the most diverse demands. It is extremely important that an agency’s content department bundles the in-depth know-how of experts from the most diverse fields – and uses it in the interest of its client.

For this reason, only proven specialist editors and professional copywriters are employed for creative development. Just as important, however, is the presentation of the content, which is why the extensive expertise of designers, programmers and format developers can also be called upon here.

Social Media Agency
LinkedIn Marketing für Verpackungsmaschinenhersteller Schubert

LinkedIn campaign for packaging machine manufacturer Schubert – using the example of a case study

Press releases, etc. – good PR is still essential

“Public relations is the art of creating a favourable public opinion for a company, its product or service through the spoken or printed word, through actions or through visible symbols,” PR expert Carl Hundhausen once said.

The mandate of a PR agency is to successfully communicate company content and to mediate between the customer and the public. This communication can take place through various channels. The basic task is to provide these channels with relevant information.

For this, a PR agency first needs to develop a strategy: What is the goal? Who is the target group? And: How can I reach them? With which measures? Through which channels? Analogue or digital? Classical or social media? Trade fair appearances or events? The possibilities are manifold.

Let’s start with the classical press release, which is still one of the most common and affordable measures available today. It involves research, copywriting, distribution, monitoring and controlling. Depending on the target group, this can be carried out in the general media, trade media or special interest media.

At the same time, online measures are becoming increasingly important and perhaps even most important: designing, copywriting, setting up new websites, SEO analyses, optimising and managing social media channels. Collaboration with influencers also plays a big part here.

Not to forget: Trade fairs and events, which still account for some 45 per cent of budgets. Tasks here include event concepts, organisation, implementation and follow-up. From the concept development of the trade fair stand to on-site support. This also covers shooting videos to extend the event on YouTube.

In short, a full-service agency’s PR department is more than just an editorial office for producing press releases. On the contrary, it manages the entire universe of content creation, channel management, event planning and trade fair appearances.

PR Agency
Verpackungsmaschinenhersteller Schubert in Qualitätsmedien wie das Magazin "Neue Verpackung"

Digital services are a must

Our world is becoming increasingly digital. Digital consulting, digital brand design, web design, online shops, app development, content creation and marketing, email marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine advertising are now part of the vast range of services offered.

Digital projects are also becoming increasingly complex and require comprehensive technology consulting, trend research or process optimisation. After all, the CRM software and controlling software, the accounting software, the ERP system or the messaging tool need to seamlessly dovetail and be accessible worldwide.

Furthermore, the customer journey and the individual touchpoints are also becoming more and more digital. Therefore, it is important that the service portfolio of a full-service agency’s digital department is broadly positioned. From the WordPress website to search engine optimisation and all the way through to the digitalisation of entire sales channels.

It isn’t enough to simply deliver good web design, great technology and programming. The digital department also has to have great consulting expertise, an excellent understanding of the industry and a good “feel” for the heritage and goals of the specific client.

A good website is more than just elegant design, colourful images and lots of HTML. It also calls for a strategic brand concept, entrepreneurial understanding, intelligent user guidance, gripping content and just the right text approach.

After all, content is king and users have become spoiled: They expect well prepared content with high information and satisfaction value. Moreover, the average attention span of users is constantly decreasing and they need more and more endorphin kicks to stay on the page.

Compelling images and texts are one thing, but the digital department has to be able to do even more. It needs to effortlessly master the technology. It can’t simply take on programmers. It needs highly specialised full-stack programmers who understand how to guide the user in a way that is intelligent and involving.

The website also has to be technically optimised for Google and other search engines. In terms of performance, structure, readability, metadata, image naming and technology, it has to meet Google’s specifications to the greatest possible extent. This also includes responsive programming for all end-devices.

Cookies and data protection within the framework of the GDPR (DE: DSGVO) are also important. An infinitely complex topic, especially in Germany and the European Union. The meticulous implementation of these guidelines is one of the most important tasks of an agency’s digital department and should not be underestimated in terms of effort.

Website Entwicklung B2B für Verpackungsmaschinenhersteller Schubert

Corporate website for the entire Schubert Group in numerous language versions.

Full service also includes e-commerce, CRM and SEO

The e-commerce department handles everything that has to do with the online shop. From maintaining the products, the technology (shop systems such as WordPress, Magento, Shopify and Wix), the creation of an email marketing campaign to the promotion of the products via Google Ads or Facebook Ads. It also takes care of optimising and enhancing the customer journey as well as all touchpoints that a potential customer may have with the online shop. The cornerstone for this has to be an e-commerce strategy.

An agency’s CRM department is vital to the success of a company’s digital transformation. It ensures the quality of digital interactions with customers. It is important that the solution fits. Be it an on-premise, open source or SaaS cloud solution. After all, every marketing process generates large amounts of valuable customer data that can be managed and used with CRM systems and software such as Salesforce, Mautic, HubSpot or Business Intelligence. In order to optimise customer relationships in addition to sales activities.

The SEO department is one of the key departments, because it makes the client visible in the digital world. It is no longer enough to have a website, to run a digital campaign or to post on LinkedIn – you also have to be found. Everything that has a positive effect on ranking is important. In Google, for example, it’s all about placing the right keywords in the right place, a well-functioning, easy-to-use user guidance and many technical optimisations and tricks that bring the company to the forefront in the search.

In conclusion: What Full Service can achieve for you?

Hiring a full-service agency can prove to be a real “fresh cell” therapy for a company. Thanks to its wide range and diverse services, it can provide a breath of fresh air in all areas of a commissioning company and greatly lighten its load. One contact partner replaces many specialists and special agencies. In addition, an integrated, comprehensive process is created in all disciplines of marketing.

A full-service agency enables the client to speak the same language everywhere, from advertisements to Google ads, from LinkedIn posts to YouTube films, and to stringently manage communication and the brand throughout the entire customer journey and all touch points.

One with the most diverse areas of expertise and specialisation that no longer make a distinction between marketing and sales – and that enables both disciplines to merge with each other. With communication that no longer consists of individual components, but clearly reflects a comprehensive marketing concept.

And this, the world over. On all continents, in all cultures, in all languages. Because only an agency that is internationally positioned and knows where the trigger points of the respective national target groups are can really offer full service. We at the Ruess Group have been doing this for more than 15 years.

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Steffen Ruess

Steffen Ruess

Managing Partner
Ruess Group

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Schubert Group Homepage in Macbook

Schubert international corporate website

Schubert’s new corporate website is the communication hub for all external and internal channels – state-of-the-art in terms of technology, content strategy and analytics. Available in several languages and encompassing roughly 650 individual pages per language. In spite of its overwhelming size, it is extremely intuitive to use: Specific content can be found quickly thanks to AI-based search options. Concept, design, technology and editorial work are all from a single source – “made by the Ruess Group”.

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Schubert international media planning

Schubert international media planning

As experts in international media planning on- and offline, we understand the unique challenge of developing country-specific media strategies for Schubert’s various target markets, B2B or B2C. Consumer behaviour and media use as well have experienced an unparalleled digital push, naturally driven by social distancing and as a result of trade fairs and other live events not taking place. Because we provide our clients with interdisciplinary and comprehensive support, we offer fully integrated communication solutions in campaign management, focused on customers and costs.