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An important prerequisite for a successful digital application or platform is in-depth understanding of your existing and potential customers’ user behaviour. It is decisive to the success of your business and serves as an important foundation for sound decisions. To persuade and inspire your users, you need to know them: with intuitive user guidance, exciting functions and great designs.

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Efficient and enduring

Success with UX design 

A strong digital user experience (UX) delivers positive interaction opportunities with your brand and keeps users coming back as customers again and again. The most important thing here is to make the user’s various modes of action as simple and smooth as possible.

Smartphones and smart devices have become indispensable accessories in everyday life. Today, we are all more digitally connected than ever before. This also increases the demands made on the quality of the digital experience offered. UX design should be as beautiful as it is functional, otherwise a user will quickly lose interest and look for alternatives. 

To prevent this from happening and to ensure that users become and remain loyal customers, we have dedicated ourselves to creating an ideal and high-impact user experience for your company. Our UX design team combines years of design experience with targeted creative know-how. As digital experts, we will handle scoping, IT architecture, design, user experience and development for you. Our designers create brand experiences that are visually compelling yet efficient and intuitive. They optimise your brand and platform designs to ensure the best possible interaction with your target group. 

To provide your customers with a unique and seamless experience that is specifically aligned with your sales, marketing and brand strategies, we start by taking a close look at user behaviour by carrying out a thorough analysis and research process.

Whether you have a brand-new product idea, would like to try out an innovative navigation structure or test an app: We will help you develop exactly what your users will find practical, clear, appealing and user-friendly.

Our strength:

  • Strategic: Our experienced UX team can support you in aligning your digital projects with your sales, marketing and brand strategies.
  • Well-founded: The use of market research results & studies are the cornerstone for the qualitative design of digital interfaces. User research 
  • Open to technology: We look for the most suitable solution for each project and work with the latest technologies.
  • Inspiring: Our designs are accurately targeted, authentic and very convincing.
  • Long-term: For us, a project is not finished with the launch. We will accompany and support projects beyond the launch and conduct UX audits at regular intervals to ensure the ongoing performance of your product.
Overarching tasks & goals

Strategic expertise as a UX Design Agency

User experience design is essential to the current and future success of companies. That’s why, as a UX Design Agency, we focus on users and their needs. We will provide your company with concrete support to successfully take on the following tasks:

Digital transformation

We will accompany you throughout the digitalisation of your processes, services, transactions and products. We will develop digital customer experiences that strengthen and expand your digital business. Whether for quick wins or long-term strategic planning – our team of experienced designers will create next-level experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Design thinking

Design thinking is an iterative process for creative problem-solving. This agile method supports and helps find solutions to complex problems more quickly with clearly defined process steps. An interdisciplinary team that works together closely is decisive.

Digital brand management

In the past, brands were created for communication in print media, today we develop brands for the digital world. Corporate websites, shops, etc. are at the heart of today’s corporate communication and are often the linchpin of successful sales activities.

Great digital brands are attractive, compelling and always engage their fans. It’s about a lot more than just delivering a visually great impression. In times of mass media, a strong message, uniqueness and authenticity are indispensable to persuading your customers that you and your product can deliver the right fit.

UX Strategy

With user-centred solutions and well thought-out UX strategies, you will attract and inspire your target group and strengthen your position in the market. We will analyse your requirements and the specific challenges your company faces, and match them with the needs of your industry – drawing on the wealth of experience of our UX experts.

To ensure the best possible results from the start, we will support you in using valuable practical insights from your customers to develop concepts and strategies with long-term impact. You will only be able to develop effective and authentic experiences that engage your customers in the long term if you have a real understanding of your users’ needs and continuously develop yourself and your product.

Research & testing

Relying only on your own gut feeling and deriving hypotheses from it is risky. Good decisions depend on your having real knowledge and understanding of your target groups and their behaviour. And these can be obtained from data.

We use a range of qualitative and quantitative research methods to better understand your customers. To do this, we use sound market research and study results, data analyses from your own data wherever available, and gain our own insights into your target group through specially conducted user tests.


Operational expertise as a UX Design Agency

Our focus is on digital projects that are subject to very specific demands in terms of user-friendliness, function and content. The goal is to develop digital experiences that delight your users and customers and deliver actionable results.  In other words, products with intuitive user guidance, inspiring functions and an authentic visual appearance. 

Digital products

We serve all digital product formats via web and mobile, through to software as a service.


Whether corporate websites, career websites, landing pages or microsites: Our experts develop well thought-out and compelling websites that enable you to reach your target groups with pinpoint accuracy.

Content hubs

Online magazines, blogs and digital employee magazines bundle branded content digitally and centrally. We conceptualise, design and develop your content hubs in line with the needs of your target group. And we pay special attention to small features that excite, inspire and retain users.


The opportunities in the e-commerce realm are numerous and range from large shop systems and ERPs to social commerce. Especially in sales, a great user experience is indispensable and pays off in terms of ROI. Our online shop experts will be happy to advise you and develop user-centred and inspiring webshops.

Immersive technologies

Inspire your users with immersive user experiences. Augmented and virtual reality applications connect the digital and physical worlds in many possible applications and formats. 

UX audits

A UX audit, also called a usability audit, is the process of analysing a website or other digital product. With the UX audit, we identify any usability problems and uncover issues that lead your users to abandon your product. 

User-centred design

User-centred design (UCD) is an iterative design process that focuses on users and their needs at every stage of the design process. With UCD, we involve users throughout the design process through a variety of research and design techniques to create exceptionally user-friendly, intuitive products for them.

Atomic Design

Successful interfaces are consistent in their function. This means that a button should always work the same way throughout the entire digital experience. The Atomic Design approach helps with this. Buttons, form fields, etc. are designed as design assets that interact to create a component and modules from which our digital interfaces can be assembled in a modular fashion.

Modular design

We always provide you with a selection of predefined modules with which you can build your website as you wish. Depending on the objectives, scope and requirements, the number and design of the modules may vary. 

Design libraries

A consistent design is an important prerequisite to achieving clean and smooth technical implementation. We document all design specifications such as fonts, colours, grids, spacing, buttons etc. in a clearly laid-out design library. This is how we can guarantee a uniform appearance across all interfaces.


Work UX design agency

All disciplines
website / digital
Mockup of the website of the start-up Flip, developed by the website development company Ruess Group.

Flip app website development

UX design, UI design and back-end development for a headless CMS website. The latest design language linked with current web technology. The new website for the Stuttgart-based Flip start-up offers users an exciting user experience and preliminary information about Flip’s employee app.

website / digital
Schubert Group Homepage in Macbook

Schubert international corporate website

Schubert’s new corporate website is the communication hub for all external and internal channels – state-of-the-art in terms of technology, content strategy and analytics. Available in several languages and encompassing roughly 650 individual pages per language. In spite of its overwhelming size, it is extremely intuitive to use: Specific content can be found quickly thanks to AI-based search options. Concept, design, technology and editorial work are all from a single source – “made by the Ruess Group”.

Woman looking at the Schubert website on a mobile phone, designed by an ux design agency
How we proceed


01 UX strategy & consulting
  • Digital transformation
  • Digital brand management
02 Research & analysis
  • User research
  • Benchmarks
  • Interviews
  • Online surveys
  • UX Audit
03 Architecture & concept
  • User journey mapping
  • User flows
  • Jobs to be done
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframes
04 UI & prototyping
  • UI design
  • Responsive design
  • Interaction design
  • UI kits & components / UI guidelines / Design systems
  • Interactive prototypes
05 Development
  • technical development
06 Testing & evaluation
  • Usability tests
  • User testing
  • Heat & scroll maps


Analyses printed on paper with green leaves and a light green arrow held by a man and pointing upwards.

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Immersive customer experiences

Two people lean in the dark against a wall under a sloping roof and look into the camera

Increasing virtualisation reveals enormous opportunities and potential for enhancing the user experience. By means of virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality, users are even more emotionally triggered and bound to a brand.

Our expert team’s further areas of digital expertise:

Tools & partnerships

UX Design tools

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Susann Höpel 

Susann Hoepel

Consultant Digital Projects